Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium - 4 November 2017

Jamie Speer had a PB in the LJ 5.50m (+1.3). Samadiana Fariz secured a PB of 46.04 in the 300m hurdles. Tapasu recorded 7.17 (+0.8) in the 60m and won the 100m in 11.16 (+1.2). Sam Potter 400m 51.51. Joseph Clark 1500m 4:07.87. Oliver Parkinson 300m H 39.67 from Daniel Parkes 39.89. Alexander Parkinson DT 53.11m. Matthew Aucamp LJ 6.36m (+2.2). Natasha Eady 60m 7.83 (+0.8), 100m 12.47(+0.5). Anita McLaren 100m 12.53, 400m 57.60. Joanna Poland 1500m 4:48.05. Alana Barber 3000m RW 13:16.21. Hannah Adye PV 3.56m PB, Alana Doust PV 3.26m PB.

Auckland City Athletics meeting, Mt Smart Stadium, 1 November 2017: Sophie Atkinson 800m 2:21.05 mx, Isabella Richardson 800m 2:22.72 mx.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium - 4 November 2017

2015 national 100m champion Kodi Harman 100m 10.89 (+1.9), 200m 21.92 (+0.7). Michael Goldie 11.17, 22.24. Tyron Hilton 200m 22.59 (+0.7) PB. Korban Eades 800m 1:58.12. Isaiah Priddey 3000m 8:35.65, Connor Tristram 9:32.90. Cameron Collins HJ 1.85m, LJ 5.84m, TJ 12.11m. Jayden Williamson HJ 1.85m, 4kg HT 51.55m. Abby Goldie 100m 12.11 (+1.4), 200m 24.53 (+3.8). Krystie Solomon 800m 2:16.14. Jemima Antoniazzi 3000m 10:37.82 PB. Kayla Goodwin 100m H 15.15 (+0.9), TJ 10.67m. Arden Mason 3kg HT 42.34m.


Regional League Meeting 2, Cooks Gardens - 4 November 2017

National triple jump champion Anna Thomson went up to ninth on the all-time rankings and leads 2017 with her legal triple jump of 12.74m (+2.0). She also had a wind assisted 12.84m (+2.5). Georgia Hulls 100m 11.92 (+0.3), 200m 25.29 (-4.2) and 400m 56.52. Genna Maples 100m 12.11, 200m 25.55, LJ 5.58m (+2.7). Emma Osborne 400m 57.12 PB, Abby Stewart 57.49. Nick Smith 100m 11.03 (-4.6), 200m 22.06 (-3.1). Zac Topping 100m 11.15. Cody Wilson 200m 22.23 (-3.1) PB, Josh Ledger 200m 22.31 PB. Jason Myers 400m 50.76 PB, Sam Hill 51.01. Matthew Taylor 3000m 8:43.19 PB, Joel Carman 8:51.24 PB, Liam Back 8:51.76 PB. Sean Pay HJ 1.93m. Brendon Barnett LJ 7.06m (+2.8). Nathaniel Sulupo 6kg SP 15.82m, 1.75kg DT 51.98m, 6kg HT 46.65m PB. Cam Robinson 700g JT 61.56m. Henry Malthus 800g JT 52.02m PB. Kara Macdermid 800m 2:17.98, 1500m 4:33.90 mx. Tina Faulkner 1500m 4:35.83, Tessa Hunt 1500m 4:37.32 PB. Ashleigh Alabaster 2000m steeplechase 7:59.94. Emma Sutherland HJ 1.75, Josephine Reeves 1.75m. Corrina Minko LJ 5.93m (+2.6), TJ 11.42m (+3.3). Ashleigh Bennett TJ 11.88m (+2.4). Montaya Wharehinga HT 51.21m. Laura Langley 3000m RW 14:56.72.


Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track - 1 November 2017

Amanda Fitisemanu clocked a personal best 47.31 300m hurdles. The New Zealand junior womens 400m hurdles champion who turns 19 at the end of the month had a previous best of 48.56. She had earlier won the 100m in a PB 12.48 (+1.7). Samantha Hardie just edged out Camryn Smart in the 200m in 26.26 (+1.1). Alex Dawson won the 100m in 11.17 (+1.1). Joe Ford M16 1.5kg DT 41.50m. Shannen Smith W15 TJ 10.14m (+0.9).


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain - 4 November 2017

Anna Percy 200m 25.79 (-0.8), 300m 41.08. Ariana Harper 1500m 4:56.25 mx, Sophie Glover 4:58.53 mx. Liliana Braun 3000m 10:15.12 mx. Lauren Bruce HT 60.53m. Alexandra Richards PV 3.10m. Jaidyn Busch 3kg SP 14.36m, 4kg SP 13.02m. Caitlin Bonne DT 41.99m, 500g JT 44.08m. Haidee Middlewood 3kg HT 41.70m. Cody House 200m 24.07 (-1.7), LJ 6.33m (+1.7). Samuel King 400m 51.52, Louis Andrews 51.68. Nick Moulai 1500m 3:59.46. Connor Melton 3000m 8:56.79. Mitchell Small 5000m 16:15.31. Tim McKee PV 4.00m. Hamish Dewar DT 41.45m, JT 42.75m. Marcus Wolton JT 45.61m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 4 November 2017

James Sandilands 100m 11.25 (+0.1), 110m H 15.09 (-1.9). Nathan Hill 3000m 9:00.62. Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg SP 14.18m, 1.75kg DT 44.33m PB, 6kg HT 47.82m. Todd Bates HT 49.57m. Fiona Morrison 100m 12.60 (-0.2) mx, 100m H 14.48 (-0.5). Rebekah Greene 3000m 9:46.52. Tara McNally 300m H 47.73. Stephanie Smith 3kg HT 31.08m PB. 4 x 100m R Hill City University Liam Kerr, Duncan Trevithick, Peter Sewell, Cameron Moffitt 46.97 Otago M14 club record.


Athletic Southland Meeting, Surrey Park - 4 November 2017

Dyani Shepherd-Oates (Fiordland) headed all performances with her W17 (3kg) Southland hammer record of 50.25m. Dyani is peaking nicely for secondary school champs in three weeks time. Also showing out was senior Jack Welsh (St P) with best mens shot put of 12.45m, javelin (46.99m) and hammer (37.86m). Andrew Allan (Gore) had a 13.64m triple jump to go with his 1.80m high but the 2.3mps wind ruled the triple out of ranking contention while Ruby Demptser (Inv) recorded a 10.27m triple and 4.2 wind. Anna Skerrett (St P) displayed her versatility with a 11.60m in the shot put and 5.06m winning long jump. Sam Colyer (St P) had best long jump 6.13m. 2k steeples were won by Sadie Wech (.762m, 8:26.67, Otautau) and Buddy Small (.914m, 6:43.46, St P). Scott Belesky (Fiord) showed a good turn of speed for next weeks South Island Masters Champ with a 7.83 over 60m and 12.52 for 100m, both into a stiff headwind. James Tudor 800g JT 40.55m.


Collegiate Conference Cross Country Championships: Big East, Kenosha Wisconsin, 28 October; Marcus Karamanolis 8km 25:05 (11). Big Sky, Ogden Utah, 28 October; Matt Baxter 8km 23:22 (2). Mountain West, Albuquerque, 27 October; Grace McConnochie 6km 21:23 (15). PAC-12, Springfield Oregon, 27 October; Lilli Burdon 6km 19:08 (6).

New York Marathon, 5 November: World cross country champion Geoffrey Kamworor of Kenya won in 2:10:53, three seconds ahead of compatriot Wilson Kipsang. Shalane Flanagan USA, who has a best of 2:21:14 in Berlin in 2014, was the first woman in 2:26:53 from Kenyan Mary Keitany 2:27:54.


Melbourne VRWC, Clifton Hill, 18 October: Quentin Rew 10,000m 44:33.0 (1).

NSW Throwers Club, Greystanes Sydney, 28 October: Warren Button HT 59.77m PB (2). 12th NZ all-time list.


At last weeks Hawkes Bay Secondary Schools Sports Awards, Commonwealth Youth Games shot put silver medallist and national youth champion Nick Palmer of Karamu High School scooped the pool winning the male athlete of the year, the male sportsperson of the year as well as collecting the supreme award. National junior womens 400m champion and runner up in the 100m and 200m Georgia Hulls of Havelock North High School received the female athlete of the year and the female sports person of the year. The Para-Athlete of the year award went to T35 Guy Harrison of Napier Boys High School who won the 800m silver medal at the world junior para athletic championships in Switzerland.



City to Surf Half Marathon, 5 November: Luke Williams 1:23:43, Steve Darby 1:27:34, Andrew Williamson 1:30:58. Hannah Oldroyd 1:27:06, Steph Everson 1:39:35, Baiba Muzikante 1:42:38. 11km; Mathijs Wetzels 42:11. Sarah Gardner 43:28. 5km; Kane Elms 16:31. Kaitlin Blackwood 20:21.


Taniwha, Waikato River Trails, 4 November: 7km; Aimee Ferguson 29:18, Noah Hansen 31:24. 14km; Gergely Steinbach 1:02:32. Krystal Booker 1:10:08. 21km; Jonathon Bannatyne 1:38:20, Kris Moore 1:38:21, Damon Nicholas 1:41:26. Jo Bannister 1:50:46, Moana Simm 1:52:39, Mikayla Joyce 1:55:32. 42.2km; Dave Franks 3:46:21. Fran Mortell 4:17:57. 60km; Cecilia Flori 5:17:11, Ron King 5:34:44.


63rd Feilding Marathon, Timona Park, 4 November: Carl Laffan 3:10:35, Scott Whitley 3:13:28, Nicholas Bagnall 3:15:06. Ingrid Frost, who ran her 250th marathon in South Australia last month, won the womens marathon in 4:02:39 from Nicky Scott 4:10:48 and Mignon Stevenson 4:21:47. Frost who just loves running marathons completed her 50th in 2006, 100th in 2009 and 200th in 2015. She has competed in nine marathons in the past two weeks, including eight in eight days in Australia. In the recent Auckland marathon she was 63rd and 5th in the 50-54 age group in 3:53:27. The marathon walk went to Jeff Hulbert 4:48:45 and Denise Brunskill 5:28:49. Half marathon; Edward Currie 1:21:03, Dylan Welby 1:24:51, Arne Patterson 1:28:57. Wilma Minnee 1:40:09, Bridget Harris 1:45:43, Joanne Shortall 1:47:00. Walk; Alan Clark 2:18:25. Sherryn Hardy 2:24:31. 10km; Benjamin Wall 37:20, Angus Mckelvie 38:11. 5km; Jimmy Ellingham 18:54, Liam Wall 18:57. A total of 326 took part up 20 per cent on last year.


Shoe Clinic Festival of Running Half Marathon, 5 November: Phil Costley 1:13:45, Andre Bonny 1:19:24, Stephen Blackwell 1:21:08. Elina Ussher 1:32:06, Kerry Semmens 1:33:40, Colette Read 1:39:02. Walk; Dave Leahy 2:32:04, Terri Grimmett 2:32:04. 10km; Luke Clatworthy 39:36, Paula Canning 39:47, Tim Cross 41:27. Walk; Barb Pauling 1:09:21, Bevan Cook 1:09:49. 5km; Matt Bowen 18:14, Jacob Babb 19:00, Joseph Clatworthy 20:41.


Selwyn Running Festival, Anderson Square, Leeston, 5 November: Half marathon; Sam Wreford 1:07:50, Sean Eustace 1:11:18, Ieuan van der Peet 1:11:38, Andy Good 1:12:46. Angela Whyte 1:24:40 PB, Joanna Buick 1:27:03, Melanie Angland 1:29:42, Lisa Brignull 1:29:56. Walk; Emma Losco 2:36:50. 10km; Oska Baynes 30:15 PB, Malcolm Cornelius 36:58, James Kafene 37:43. Marisa Ruhter 37:33, Rowyn Hocking 42:03. Walk; David White 1:11:44. 5km; Sam Harvey 17:54, Oliver Jones 18:53, Samuel Jones 19:13. Emma Parke 20:47, Emily Bell 21:45. Walk; Rohan OConnell 40:30.

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