Australian tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has plenty of time on his hands after announcing his 2017 season was finished due to an ongoing hip complaint.

So what does any millennial do with their free time? Sit on Twitter and answer fan questions of course.

Despite an up and down season that often left fans and experts scratching their heads, the love for Kyrgios remains evident.

Initially calling for a quick Q & A, the enigmatic 22-year old spent well over 90 minutes on the social media platform, answering a wide array of questions.


With tongue firmly in cheek, Kyrgios had a few little cracks at Mirka Federer (wife of Roger) and effectively all of his fellow countrymen.

Kyrgios had plenty of fun during his time on Twitter and took little jabs at the majority of his ATP rivals. Here are some of the funnier responses Kyrgios served up.

The waiting game now begins until we see Kyrgios back on the court and many will be hopeful that in 2018, he can piece it all together.