A number of months ago, I broke one ankle and did severe ligament damage to the other.

So, in my dopey phase of feeling sore and sorry for myself, I turned to technology and Uber Eats to soothe my pain.

Crumbed chicken, bacon and avocado burgers delivered piping hot to my door, with an extra add-on of aioli and fries.

Mix in a binge session of Narcos on Netflix and my healthy disposition was complete.


I was dormant, lazy and filling myself with utter crap. The result? Seven added kilograms and shirts popping buttons - literally.

The reality kicked in when, preparing to MC a British and Irish Lions tour event, I thought it best to check into my size 88 suit - with horrifying consequences.

People started noticing my ever-evolving double chin and I soon realised I had become - for the first time in my life - lazy and in need of a burst of motivation.

It came from a health retreat in Oz, a life-changing experience for many reasons.

I stopped drinking, consumed more broccoli than I ever had before, took to boot camp with vigour and owned my daily personal training sessions. I climbed mountains and started to run my backside off.

Three weeks later I had lost nine centimetres from my gut, and another seven from the hips. Two months on, I've now dropped just over 10% of my body weight - 8kg of fat and wasted energy, gone!

Before, I was close to giving up on the life-balance front. Exercise had become a grind and walking out of the gym the norm.

Today, the clarity of mind I feel is exhilarating.

Am I petrified of falling back into old habits? Absolutely.

I don't claim to have all the answers on this confounding journey called life. But I now know we can all change regardless our age or mindset.

I hope I look back on these months in 2017 as a time when I started living my life again.

What's crippling the Warriors?

Massive kudos to former Warriors star turned Tigers vice-captain Elijah Taylor, who this week opened up on a thorny issue that no doubt many league fans have long suspected - that Australian footballers are "smarter" than the Kiwis.

"Back in New Zealand, the game is about power and running over someone - instead of skill, tactics and a kicking game," Taylor said in an interview that set social media alight.

There are many issues crippling the Warriors' chances of success, but Taylor nailed arguably two of the most nagging - player development and recruitment.

I believe he's correct in saying the pathways at the Mt Smart club aren't as good as the quality of play.

Fix that, and you'll go a long way to fixing the Warriors.

Food For Thought:

I love how the All Blacks coaches continue to stand by their men. Jerome Kaino returned to the AB's camp this week after leaving two weeks ago for personal reasons. While Liam Squire and Vaea Fifita are undoubtedly the future at six, Kaino deserves to end his career in the famous black jersey in style, and not controversy.

It's always risky business comparing codes, but these numbers will have those in charge of the NRL more than a little nervous.

Finals Week One Crowds:

NRL: 75,361
AFL: 235,828

I can tell by the reach of posts on my Facebook page what you guys are into as far as world sport is concerned. Well, this week Chris Wood confirmed he's one now one of our true global stars, following his second goal for Burnley in the English Premier League. The response was huge.