The mother of Kiwi motorsport great Scott Dixon, held-up at gunpoint and robbed outside a US fastfood chain says he didn't take the heist seriously at first.

Mum Glenys Dixon today revealed details about the nightmare ordeal where a gun was pulled on Dixon and fellow race car driver Dario Franchitti while they waited in a drive-thru at an Indianapolis Taco Bell restaurant late on Sunday (local time).

After spending a day glued to her television set watching her son secure pole position for the upcoming Indianapolis 500, Glenys was beside herself as her tearful daughter broke news of the dramatic hold-up.

Freaking out and with only limited information a relieved Dixon said she had spoken at length with daughter-in-law Emma Davies-Dixon who said both men were stunned by the ambush but relieved they had escaped unharmed.


She said initially Scott, in celebration mode, was preparing to shout the team tea at a Mexican fast food chain not far from the speedway where Dixon had earlier clocked the fastest average qualifying speed in 21 years when two teenagers made their move.

It was something the champion driver was not expecting on such a special day.

"Scott didn't take it seriously to start with when the gunman held a gun to his head," said Glenys Dixon.

The stunned famous racing pair complied with the young teen robbers' demands including handing over all the money they had on them.

"They had already got Emma's wallet and then they were asking for Scott and Dario's mobile phones.

"Scott said they didn't have their phones and then a car came up behind and the [robbers] ran off."

Police have since arrested two teenagers, aged 15 and 14, and charged with robbery. The 15-year-old has also been charged with resisting law enforcement.

Glenys Dixon said her son did the right thing but was still in disbelief her boy was the target of such a violent crime on such a memorable day.


"It was just unlucky," she said.

But it could have been worse: Emma Davies-Dixon and 7-year-old daughter Poppy pulled out of the ill-fated Taco Bell trip moments before they were due to leave.

She said reports that his wife was also in the car was incorrect.

"They said Emma was in there and she was in the car.

"But only Scott and Dario were in the car.

"Emma's handbag was in there because she was going with them. They were going to shout everyone with Taco Bell with her [money]. Emma and Poppy were meant to go with Scott and Dario but at the last minute Poppy wanted to stay back with the crew."

Glenys was now waiting to speak on the phone to her son when he came off the track later today.

"As a mum I was freaking out. I haven't spoken to him but he texted me before and said he would ring me a bit later."

Dixon had returned to the track today, still a little shocked by the events of the previous evening, she said.

"He's fine. And because it was him and Dario the two of them have been saying to each other 'oh my God'. They really can't believe it."

Glenys Dixon said she had been inundated by hundreds of texts from friends in the US concerned about Scott's well being.

She had sent a text message to her famous son telling him the robbery sounded incredibly scary and that she loved him dearly.

Although it threatened to be a distraction in the lead-up to the great race Glenys Dixon was sure her son would handle the situation.

"Once he gets in the car and puts on his helmet nothing else matters. He is so focused."