Rowing champion Hamish Bond admits longtime partner Eric Murray's decision to retire from the sport would play a part in any future decisions he makes on his longevity in the sport.

Murray, 34, announced his retirement after two Olympic gold medals in the coxless pair with Bond and an unbeaten eight-year run.

Bond today said Murray had given him a heads up a couple of days before the news was revealed in a women's magazine today.

"I wasn't completely in the dark. At the time I was a little bit surprised.


"We'd made a decision to take 12 months away but obviously Eric came to the conclusion that enough was enough and he wanted to move onto other things," Bond said.

Listen to Hamish Bond's interview with D'Arcy Waldergrave:

Bond, 31, said he could understand Murray's thinking.

"It was a long time for him in the sport, he's a few years older than me and has got commitments with his family. It's a big decision and we've said all along you've got to be excited and motivated to be here and to turn up and train, because if you're not, then you're not going to get the results you're after.

"If you're not enjoying being there, then there's no point behind there."

Bond, who first linked with Murray in a world championship-winning coxless four in 2007, said his crewmate not being around "is a factor" in whatever decisions he takes. Bond is taking a year out to pursue his cycling ambitions.

"I guess it plays a part. But in terms of going forward, as much as we were a combination we were two individuals and I think ultimately we would make decisions as individuals.

"It'll undoubtedly play a factor but it won't be the deciding factor," he added.

Bond paid tribute to Murray's prowess on the rowing machine which "I couldn't match".


"That's the great thing about our partnership. Each dog has his day and there's no dominant force. That was a key to the harmony over eight years."