In-demand Warriors star Kieran Foran has not yet received a formal offer from the Canterbury Bulldogs and remains hopeful he can stay in New Zealand for another NRL season.

Foran is still trying to work through his complex family situation and come to an arrangement that will allow him to re-sign with the Warriors.

The former Manly and Parramatta playmaker has had informal talks with the Bulldogs about potentially returning to Sydney to be closer to his two young children but he insists the move is far from a done deal.

The Warriors are waiting patiently for him to resolve his personal matters before tabling a formal contract offer. Both parties have had advanced discussions about what it will take to retain him but the club know his decision will hinge on his family circumstances.


"I don't have an offer on the table from any club at the moment," said Foran.

"It's certainly not (a done deal). I haven't even received an offer from the Bulldogs yet so I don't have a contract on the table from them.

"I'm just chatting closely with (Warriors managing director) Jim (Doyle) and I've been really honest with him and upfront in saying if I can make it work I'll stay for another year.

"And if I can't, obviously my situation, as everyone's aware, is pretty complex. There's a few things I need to factor in regarding my children.

"I've been really upfront with Jim about that and he's been really open and honest with me.

"And like we've said all along, if we can make it work for another year then both of us would like to."

Foran is continuing delicate negotiations with his former partner Rebecca Pope who lives with their children on Sydney's northern beaches.

He is desperate to maintain regular contact with the kids but does not want to leave Auckland where he enjoys relative anonymity compared to the intense scrutiny he will face back across the Tasman.

Since joining the Warriors late last year he has addressed numerous personal issues and is the happiest he's been since the early years of his NRL career at the Sea Eagles.

Foran's family and close friends recognise the benefits of him living in Auckland and the positive effect the move has had on both his lifestyle and personality and his mother, brother and sister are united in wanting him to stay at the Warriors.

"It's been great," he said. "I'm really enjoying myself here. I'm loving my football and I'm happy and the club's been great to me also.

"I'm trying to work out what's best for me and my children and the sooner I can work through that the better and then I can come to a decision.

"So if I can make it work then I'll make it work and if I can't then I'll need to look at outside options."

It's understood the Bulldogs have held off from presenting a formal offer as they too are aware Foran's potential recruitment will come down to the outcome of his family circumstances.

Foran is wary of the already protracted situation dragging on much further and is appreciative that all parties have understood his need for space.

"I'm just waiting to see how things go over the next week or so.

"I don't want it to drag on. It's one of those things that takes time.

"I need to be sure that I'm making the right decision when I make it so I don't want to make a rushed decision and not go through the process and being comfortable with it.

"Me and my agent have been pretty upfront with everyone and said that it's a family issue first and foremost and then it's a football decision.

"Clubs have been pretty respectful in that sense and not throwing the bit of paper down and putting the pressure on more and just allowing me to go through the process and then I can make a call."