A Walk of Fame with statues of New Zealand cricket heroes is part of a proposal for a National Cricket Ground at Western Springs.

The transformation of Western Springs into a test cricket oval and AFL venue costing up to $70 million includes a tree lined walkway with the statues, from Great North Rd to the ground.

Further details about the plan - first revealed by Herald sports writer Michael Burgess in February - have been released to the Herald under the Official Information Act by the council body that manages Auckland's stadiums.

Nothing will happen unless there is a solid business case to support the development


They show plans for a 20,000 capacity stadium with a grandstand seating 2380 spectators, 20 corporate boxes, room for 3100 people on a grass embankment, floodlighting and outer fields for domestic cricket and rugby in winter.


The council's Regional Facilities Auckland is also confident of securing a deal for up to three AFL matches a year.

Regional Facilities originally proposed a cricket oval in 2015 costing $12m, but documents released to the Herald show the council body and New Zealand Cricket have been in discussions about a grander 'National Cricket Ground' believed to cost up to $70m.

Last September, Regional Facilities gave a presentation to the New Zealand Cricket board with a video that remains secret for commercial reasons, and there was talk of Regional Facilities proceeding to concept design stage in February this year.

But while Regional Facilities has told NZC chief executive David White the plan is a "significant and important element of the RFA Stadium Strategy", the prospects for the full proposal appear slim.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said a world-class cricket stadium would be an asset for Auckland "but it is not at the top of my priorities".

What's more, Regional Facilities chief executive Chris Brooks is playing down the chances of a full transformation of Western Springs at a time when the city is under pressure from a balance sheet and infrastructure perspective.

"In any of these things you always set an aspiration about what you would like to do. When reality sets in you end up and try to compensate with something at the minimal cost you possibly can.

"Nothing will happen unless there is a solid business case to support the development," said Brooks, adding work will continue on the project.

White has told the Herald that it views the development of a viable test venue in Auckland as a priority.

NZC has also received presentations from Auckland Cricket on a proposal to develop the outer oval at Eden Park.

A spokesman said: "We are looking at both proposals but no decisions have been made. Everything is on the table."

The cricket proposal is part of Auckland's ongoing stadium jigsaw that could see speedway moving from Western Springs in 2019. Colin Dale Park in Manukau has been touted as one option with another undisclosed venue under consideration.

Proposed 'National Cricket Ground' at Western Springs

20,000 seat capacity
8800 tiered seating
3500 terraced seating
2380 grandstand
500 corporate suites (20 suites for 25 people)
1750 temporary seating
3100 grass embankment
700 car parks and bus hub

Natural turf drained pitch
Drop-in wicket
Outer fields suitable for domestic cricket and rugby in winter
Floodlighting, 35-40m height
International boundary size
Capable of hosting AFL matches
Capable of hosting rectangular field sports
Media facilities