A porn star who was nearly beaten to death by her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend has reflected on having to confront him in court to see him punished for the attack.

Christy Mack, 25, suffered 18 broken bones in her face and a ruptured liver when 35-year-old Jon Koppenhaver, who has legally changed his name to War Machine, attacked her in 2008.

The pair were dating at the time and he claimed to have found her in bed with another man at her Las Vegas home.

After a highly publicized trial earlier this year, War Machine was convicted of 29 charges including assault, kidnapping and sexually assault. He now faces life in prison and will be sentenced in June.


One of the most gripping components of the trial was Mack's testimony. She gave evidence through tears after undergoing a conservative courtroom makeover.

In an interview set to air on Tuesday night, she described the process and how traumatic it was having to come face to face with her assailant again.

'I never looked at him except when I was asked to identify him.

'He had mouthed that he loved me and that was extremely difficult.

'And I began bawling immediately. Because, for a long time, I did feel, you know, still emotionally connected to him,' she said during an interview on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Koppenhaver beat Mack and her friend Corey Thomas after finding them in bed together. She claimed they were fully dressed.

She shared shocking photographs of her puffed-up face afterwards.

Koppenhaver was convicted last month and is awaiting sentencing.

He pleaded for his former girlfriend's forgiveness in a blog post afterwards, beginning his pleading request by sharing the fitting Johnny Cash lyrics: 'I knew I had it coming, I knew I wouldn't be free,' with Twitter followers.

'Well, that didn't go very well, now did it?' he said in the post before telling fans how happy he was he'd been forced to change his ways.

'Would you believe me, though, if I said that I have nothing but joy inside, even now as I am sure to receive some type of life sentence?

'Now, if only I could somehow receive Christy's forgiveness... And if only I could one day hear that she too had been saved! That would remove every last bit of tarnish from this tragedy,' he continued.

While giving evidence at the trial, Mack told how he had raped and threatened her in the months before the attack which almost left her dead.

'Now I have to kill you because people saw you trying to escape,' she recalled

Koppenhaver saying after an incident sparked by his dislike of a wig and decorative teeth she wore.

'Now I have to take you out to the desert and kill you.'