The introduction of rolling subs to the ANZ Premiership has provided another tactical dimension to the competition.

The opening round of the new league saw the new rule put to full effect with all six teams making liberal changes throughout their games in today's triple-header in Hamilton.

Whereas previously teams were only able to make changes during quarters in case of injury, the new rule allows a player to be replaced at any point in the match.

Pulse coach Yvette McCausland-Durie said although it has only been a simple tweak to the rules, it has had a big impact.


"What's nice about it is that it cuts out all the nonsense stuff that goes on, and I think when we keep the game nice and tidy and we are clear about what is happening it can only be good for the sport," she said.

"It just seems to flow better as well. There's no mucking around trying to make eye contact and trying to get the message out to players. The just see the players in the sub box and they know what is happening."

It didn't go so smoothly for all the teams however, with the Mainland Tactix having a few hiccups with some of their changes late in their match. The Canterbury side, who suffered a 23-goal drubbing at the hands of the Magic, needed to call three time-outs in the space of a minute to ensure they got their intended line-up out on court.

Tactix skipper Jess Moulds, whose leadership role has been restricted to off-court only as she makes her way back from a serious knee injury, said the rule can make for more challenges on the bench.

"It's a big job on the bench, I actually now have a lot more appreciation of how much organisation is required. You've got to stay really calm and focused," said Moulds

"For the coaching staff it allows them to be a lot more strategic and gives them a chance to change things up quickly."