Craig Cumming has got the better of some of his audience while presenting for Sky Sport during the second test between the Black Caps and South Africa in Wellington.

The former 11-test batsman, who was clad in a ski mask, gloves and a rain coat, displayed a unique sense of humour while discussing the issues with light during the test match at the Basin Reserve, pretending to use his 'light meter' on his iPhone to show watchers at home the amount of light available for the remainder of the test.

He proceeded to show his 'light meter', humorously using his phone's calculator to indicate the level of light at the ground.

"So I've got my light meter and if I hold it up right now, I can tell you, if you have a look it's 6.5 that end" Cumming said, pointing his phone to the right of the viewer's screen.


Cumming then turned around in the other direction, pointing his phone skyward saying: "I'll hold it up the other way, again 6.5".

Cumming briefly shows the audience the screen on his phone to prove his findings, revealing he had simply typed in the number 6.5 into his calculator as a joke.

Although Cumming's use of the 'light meter' was a classic example of Kiwi cricket humour, some of his audience looked past the comedic aspect of his antics, with Australian media outlet one of a few to have fallen for Cumming's joke.

American sports website Deadspin also wrote about Cumming's gag, though their followers found the funny side.

One wonders if Cumming can pull out some more comedic gold and see how much of his audience he can fool during the Black Caps' third test match against the Proteas at Seddon Park in Hamilton next weekend.