Evnika Saadvakass may just be the toughest nine year-old girl in the world.

Saadvakass's father, Rustam, has been training her as a boxer since her third birthday, and boy, does it show.

Clips of her doing things such as throwing 100 punches in a minute have been spread around the Internet for years, and now her father is trying to capitalize on that attention by marketing her training regime as something you can replicate at home with an "Evnik Simulator" for the low cost of $49.99.

But never mind that, and just watch this video from last summer in which she violently punches a tree:


Here's a clip from last month, where she hits a globe in her bedroom before punching a hole in the door.

The Kazakh family, who live in Voronezh in Russia, train five days a week - often in the woods outside their home - and are taught how to dodge and land blows.

Rustram puts his children through their paces once in the morning and again in the evening, and believes the discipline teaches courage and perseverance.

The seriously-tough family are pictured sparring with each other in the woods and in the gym with eight-year-old Evnika usually leading the way.

Evnika's proud father spotted her emerging talent when she was just four, and she can now throw 47 punches in 30 seconds with one hand.

The nine-year-old said: 'I like boxing because when I throw a side hook and I hit hard, I like the sound it makes.

'I also like when I'm punching fast and my feet join in.

'And when I'm doing a combination of punches and I go in fast, fast, fast, leaning in for the hit.'


When a video of Evnika's lightning speed went viral, Rustram said he was inundated with messages from people amazed by her ability.

He said: 'When people see what Evnika does they are thrilled with emotion with joy and excitement.

'They start to point and say that's the guy who trains Evnika.'