Even a decade after retiring, Shane Warne still has the star power to pull a headline.

Whether it's getting snapped in his Playboy undies with topless models or having the way he drinks a beer at the races put under the microscope, media outlets have always loved, and will continue to love, a good Warnie yarn.

But that love doesn't flow both ways.

The Spin King's always been an easy target for the English press - his romance with Liz Hurley only added to that - but Warne reckons the Aussie tabloids are worse than anything he's experienced elsewhere in the world.


Asked if the English tabloids were at the top of the pile when it came to gossipping about the 47-year-old, Warne instead took the Australian media to task.

"Without trying to be funny, we're worse here," Warne said on Triple M Brisbane's Marto and Ed Kavalee for Breakfast. "Some of our magazines that make up lies, they're factually incorrect, they go on for weeks and weeks and bang on about absolute rubbish.

"We're worse than anyone. We are worse than anyone and that is a bad thing for Australia. It's ridiculous, it's out of control."

Without wanting to name and shame a specific publication, Warne attacked women's magazines that often speculated about his relationships, including that involving his ex-wife and mother of his children Simone Callahan.