After Conor McGregor beat Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 on Sunday (NZT) to claim the lightweight crown, there was only one thing left to do. Celebrate.

The newly-minted champ became the first man in the sport's history to hold two titles simultaneously (he already owned the featherweight belt) with his win at the historic fight night at New York's Madison Square Garden.

In the aftermath of a match-up that will see people speculate on just who the Irishman will face the next time he sets foot in the Octagon, his camp knew it was important to soak up the glory that came with his most recent victory rather than look ahead to what's on the horizon for the father-to-be.

His long-time coach John Kavanagh appeared on The MMA Hour with reporter and host Ariel Helwani, where he gave everyone a glimpse into just how McGregor and co. spent the hours after his groundbreaking win.


Celebrities Galore

Actor Hugh Jackman, popstar Madonna and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay were all in New York to watch "The Notorious" in action.

"There was a funny moment, I was in the corner when Conor walked in and the music was still playing and he's strutting around and I just catch the eye of Hugh Jackman. And he's staring so intently at Conor, almost kind of mimicking him," Kavanagh said. "I just elbowed Dylan and said, 'There's Wolverine'. It was just such a weird moment."

But one of the funnier moments came backstage after the fight when New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr wanted tips on how best to replicate the 28-year-old's signature strut.

"A guy came in who turned out to be a wide receiver I think for the Giants," Kavanagh said. "I assumed he was a rapper. I was gonna say, 'Your music is great'.

"Conor was actually teaching him the 'billy (billionaire) strut', that was pretty funny."

When Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta were owners of the UFC (they sold their shares in the company earlier this year), they'd often share a bottle of whiskey with McGregor and his disciples. Disappointingly for the coach, that wasn't the case this time around.

"He (Beckham Jr) came in, Gordon Ramsay came in, I think someone else might have come in. We do all that, we go back into the changerooms and usually uncle Frank will come in or Lorenzo will come in. Nothing. We shared a bottle of water. I was very annoyed.

"He (Frank Fertitta) should have come in and said hello. He usually has the bottle under his jacket. It was more like me and Conor's dad Tony going, 'Where's the goddamn whiskey?'"


'I'm Like a Drunk Uncle at a Wedding'

Kavanagh admitted he wasn't a keen nightclub man who loved to get overly loose, but he made an exception after his star pupil's big night.

"I'm like a drunk uncle at a wedding," he lamented when questioned about the post-fight party that started at the famous New York nightspot Marquee.

"We went in and it was absolutely nuts. I was getting crushed," he said.

"Even (my partner) was going to me, 'It's not like you to be (getting so rowdy)'. I said, 'You know what, I'm just going to lose myself, I'm going to take just one night'.

"A few of my students were there and I was trying to rap with them and they were going, 'Who is this guy?' It was hugely embarrassing.

"Like I said I just tried to lose myself."

You can't blame the man for getting more plastered than he planned to. Be honest, we've all had that night that started with "a couple of quiet beers" only to find yourself passed out in the dumpster behind a kebab shop at 4am.

Side by side with these two - from the small sports halls in Dublin to the greatest arena in combat sports history.

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Kavanagh didn't even bother to change before hitting up Marquee, strolling in still wearing the tracksuit he had on when McGregor was in the Octagon.

Initially expected to be just a quick 15 minute in-and-out job, McGregor and his crew partied harder and longer than was originally planned.

"I think we got there at 3.45am and it (Marquee) closed at 4am. Four o'clock came and then they were just like, 'Let's just keep going!' so then I had my second whiskey and got a little bit looser and then it's 6am and I'm rolling around on the carpet."

'I Got Thrown Violently on My Head'

Alcohol makes you do some strange things. It can make you think you're a lot funnier than you actually are, or perhaps give you the confidence to do things that should just never be attempted.

John Kavanagh chose door number two.

McGregor's wrestling coach Sergey Pikulskiy got the better of Kavanagh after the jiu-jitsu expert made a decision he would later regret.

"That's what happens when you take on Conor's takedown coach Sergey in a wrestling match in your hotel hallway," he said, pointing to scrapes on his arm (shown in the photo above). "This must have been at around 6 o'clock.

"I just said, 'Alright Sergey let's go' and as I said it he was already taking off his jacket, so I think he sensed it.

"I got thrown violently on my head. I got him with the armbar on the ground though.

"Conor said afterwards, 'Well coach, we got a KO and an armbar tonight'.

"I think we were banging into the walls so apologies if we woke anyone up. I'm normally the guy going, 'Oh these idiots'."

The two made up quickly though, sharing a bottle of single malt scotch at around the same time most people would be sitting down to breakfast.

The next morning was a much quieter affair though, with the respected MMA mentor revealing most of the crew spent the day lounging around in their pyjamas.