Is this the most ingenious try ever scored in rugby?

Picture's the last play of the game and you need a touch of genius a'la Carlos Spencer or Lima Sopoaga.

Scrumming down right on their own tryline, Charlton Park's player-coach Alan Knuckey looks to his friend Luke Boyns who is watching the game from the sideline and says "shall I try the back heel".

What follows is a remarkable back heel kick over the top of the defence, a regather and a 100 metre try.


"He dared me and I accepted," said Knuckey. "Fifteen years I've attempted this. Never have I finished it off.

"This may be my finest rugby moment."

Charlton Park play in London's south east league and Knuckey is the player coach of the club's "veterans" side - the equivalent of Golden Oldies.

The Instagram post has gone viral around the globe.

Should it be called, "A KNUCKEY"

Last play of the game. I look to Luke Boyns on the side line and say, shall I try the back heel. He dares me, I accept. 15 years I've attempted this. Never have I finished it off. This may be my finest ever rugby moment. Massive thanks to Instagram @bernardoodles for getting this on film. Please support my club Playing for Charlton Park Rfc

Posted by Knuckey Points on Sunday, 13 November 2016