Week 10 and I'm so glad I didn't win the 44 million in Lotto this Wednesday because I love making my money the hard way. Actually, if you followed my lead last week you would be as happy as I was when I checked out the TAB account.

No use living in the past as there are picks to be made and football to be watched.
So the Browns to get their first win this week? Nope... not at all

Browns ($3.70) at Ravens($1.25) (Live on Duke TV 2:25pm 11th Nov)
Marc's pick: Ravens 27, Browns 17.

The Ravens want to build on last week's divisional stomp down of the Steelers to be kings of the North. What better way to do that then beating the winless Browns in front of the Baltimore faithful.

Packers ($1.65) at Titans ($2.15)
Marc's pick: Packers 38, Titans 27.

I still don't believe the Packers are as poor as they have shown of late. I think they prove that with a big win over the Titans.


Vikings ($2.15) at Washington ($1.65)
Marc's pick: Washington 23, Vikings 17.

These are the Vikes that where undefeated not long ago, now with a different offensive coordinator and a defence that seems to have softened up. I think Washington win at home.

Bears ($1.87) at Buccaneers ($1.87)
Marc's pick: Bears 27, Buccaneers 17.

Anyone else feel like the Bears have a little more swag in their steps with Cutler back? I say they pump the Bucs who have been disappointing these last few weeks, especially at home (0-4)

Chiefs ($2.25) at Panthers ($1.60)
Marc's pick: Panthers 23, Chiefs 20.

Tough one to pick, Carolina struggled in the end to put away the Rams in LA last week and the Chiefs are really good. I give Carolina the edge at home but I warn you, this game could go either way.

Falcons ($1.75) at Eagles ($2.00)
Marc's pick: Falcons 30, Eagles 21.

I seem to miss the Falcons every week. They have the best passing game in the league but a suspect defence. I think they have too much fire power for the Eagles even in Philadelphia.

Rams ($2.00) at Jets ($1.75)
Marc's pick: Jets 22, Rams 21.

Jets win, with 12 picks total during the game. That's right, it's the match up with the two leaders in interceptions this season Fitz-Magic vs Keen - for a pick - umm. Jets at home will win it. I love Football, I wo'nt be watching this game.

Broncos ($2.25) at Saints ($1.60)
Marc's pick: Broncos 28, Saints 27

The Broncos will know what went wrong last week. They won't give Brees the time or options the allowed the Raiders last week.

Texans ($2.00) at Jaguars ($1.75) (Live on Duke TV, 7am, 14th Nov)
Marc's pick: Texans 27, Jaguars 16.

I can guarantee you this folks, whoever wins the AFC South wont progress any further. The Texans "should" win this game on the road.

Dolphins ($2.55) at Chargers ($1.47)
Marc's pick: Chargers 17, Dolphins 10.

The Dolphins are playing well at home... this is not at home however. It's against a plucky Chargers team who looks to try and stay afloat in the AFC West.

Cowboys ($2.05) at Steelers ($1.70)
Marc's pick: Steelers 27, Cowboys 20.

Steelers are angry. Steelers are at home, Cowboys rookies haven't experienced a Steelers backlash before. Steelers prove that the old dogs still got some bite.

49ers ($7.00) at Cardinals ($1.08) (Live on Duke TV 10:25am, 14th Nov)
Marc's pick: Cardinals 37, 49ers 17.

David Johnson shreds the 49ers to bits. The Cardinals in a canter.

Seahawks ($3.50) at Patriots ($1.27) (Live on Duke TV, 2:30pm 14th Nov)
Marc's pick: Patriots 27, Seahawks 20.

Seahawks have just finished cleaning their boots. Bill and Tom have been planning for this game for the past two weeks. Curtains for the visiting Seattle in the repeat of Super Bowl XLIX

Bengals ($2.00) at Giants ($1.75)
Marc's pick: Bengals 20, Giants 17

Cinci sneak into town and steal a tight one! Well they have to if they want to stay relevant in the North.