Two runners from American universities proved over the weekend there is much more to sport than just the result.

While competing the the ACC Cross-Country Championships, Clemson's Evie Tate and Louisville's Rachel Pease stopped competing while closing in on the finish line to help fellow competitor Madeline Adams of Boston University cross the line, after she collapsed and battled to finish the race due to exhaustion.

Tate and Pease lifted Adams from either side and carried her 20 meters to finish the race.

With runners streaming past the duo as they helped Adams across the line, Tate and Pease finished 127th and 128th out of 131 competitiors, while Adams was disqualified.


Despite not gaining a placing from the race, Adams was beaming with the selflessness and sportsmanship shown by her fellow runners.

"The great part that comes out of this is there are two amazing girls that helped me, who are completely selfless and just amazing people with amazing character," Adams told CBS Boston.