Leading Kiwi charge Dominic Storey is calling for New Zealand GT car owners to work with the Australian series to continue to grow the category.

Storey, who heads into today's Hampton Downs 101 as the leading New Zealander in the standings, says the growth of the category in both countries is significant but rather than trying to create a separate series on these shores the 27-year-old Aucklander says they should work with the existing Australian series.

"Personally I think New Zealand and Australia just need to merge together for this sort of thing," Storey tells herald.co.nz. "I don't think it requires a competition championship in New Zealand to try and compete with the Australian side.

"Tony Quinn obviously owns the championship and he owns two of New Zealand's best tracks - as long as he keeps growing the championship it will thrive.


"They are changing the format next year in terms of driver seedings so it is going to become a better championship for the pro drivers."

Storey expects the championship to expand in the coming years and he can see New Zealand playing a significant role in that growth.

"It will grow quickly and I wouldn't be surprised to see Tony put three or four rounds on in New Zealand as well as five or six in Australia.

"I can see New Zealand becoming a big part of the championship."