Dominic Storey was the fastest of the Kiwis at the Hampton Downs 101 Friday practice.

The Mercedes AGM GT3 driver produced the second fastest time as he looks to make a run at the Australian GT Endurance Championship lead in the penultimate round at the new-look North Waikato track.

Roger Lago and David Russell set the day's fastest time of 1:30.719s in their JBS Australia Lamborghini R-EX during the afternoon practice session.

Storey, and co-driver Peter Hackett, hold a share of fourth position in the championship heading into the penultimate round and he says he's very happy with how the car has looked on the opening day.


"Straight out of the blocks it has been great," Storey tells "The Eggleston Motorsport guys have done a great job,

"It has been just fine tuning today really.

"To end up second overall today is pretty good. I think we can just improve on that tomorrow during qualifying and hopefully stick it somewhere up the front during the top 10 shootout."

Some of the bigger name drivers found themselves a little further down the order on the opening day as drivers got used to the 1km extension to the track and cars got used to the circuit as a whole.

Storey thinks the times today are relevant however.

"I think today will give everyone a good gauge. I know for a fact everyone ran new tyres today which put everyone on a level playing field.

"People will improve the car overnight and some will improve their driving but we will be up there somewhere."

The 27-year-old is in a delicate position with the championship well within his reach. He will be weighing up putting his championship position on the line for a race win while balancing getting the best possible haul of points.

He admits he doesn't know what his approach will be at race time.

"I will make that call on Sunday. It depends where everyone is on the grid. If we are up the front then we will focus on winning the race. If we are around the six spot then maybe I will think about that a little bit."