Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman is usually known for his controversial comments, on-field sledging and passionate views.

But with Halloween less than a week away, the cornerback couldn't wait to show off his costume.

He made the big reveal at a press conference today, waltzing through the doors in full Harry Potter attire - complete with the famed Elder Wand.

Sherman is a self-proclaimed nerd, always confessing his infatuation with Pokemon, video games and, now, Harry Potter.


But wearing a costume to the presser wasn't his idea. It was his son's.

"This is a serious occasion - it's Halloween. My son told me he wanted me to wear something, so it's happening," he said.

Sherman wouldn't reveal his son's costume choice, though, saying he told him to take it to his grave.

Sherman said his favorite movie in the series is "Order of the Phoenix," and he also revealed which house he's a member of - Gryffindor.