Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium - 15 October 2016

Charli Miller was just four seconds outside the New Zealand under 17 record for the 2000m steeplechase with her time of 6:56.08 PB. Ryan Ballantyne was in excellent form, throwing the U/18 5kg SP 19.84m PB. Theunis Peters ran a good 1000m in 2:28.86 PB, followed by Isaiah Priddey in 2:33.60 PB. Christopher Goodwin 100m 11.82, LJ 6.03m. Deigan Khamal 200m 26.33. U/18 1000m Ani Gemmill 3:08.50. Connor Bell U/16 SP 15.61m PB, DT 61.07m. Anthony Nobilo U/18 HT 63.31m. Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.02m. Mellata Tatola U/18 SP 14.81m, HT 56.60m. William Sinclair 2000m steeplechase 6:24.95PB.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain - 15 October 2016

Navajo Prentice 3000m 10:51.81 mx. Angus Bailey 3000m 9:45.71. Nick Moulai 1500m 4:05.57. Matt Walsh LJ 6.36m (+0.6), TJ 13.50m (-0.8). Tom Gill 300m H 43.79. Matt Attwell LJ 6.10m (+0.9), 800g JT 42.53m. Alex Ryder 200m 24.41 (+1.1). Kyle Cossey 100m 11.79 (+1.0). Haidee Middlewood Krsinic 3kg HT 34.78m. Tayla Clarke 1kg DT 34.22m PB. Amabelle Voice-Powell 3kg SP 11.94m. Anastassia Naylor HJ 1.61m. Celena Music TJ 10.39m (-0.9). Katie Thompson LJ 5.28m (-1.7). Anna McNab 4kg HT 41.48m. Roseanne Robinson 2000m RW 9:41.1 (h). Pieta Hansen 200m 26.95 (+1.6). Patrick Thacker 5kg SP 13.67m PB, 1.5kg DT 39.64m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 8 October 2016

Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.43m (+1.5), TJ 11.80m (+2.8) also 11.61m (+1.0). Emma McColl TJ 10.60m (+1.5). Adriana Mawhinney TJ 10.45m (+3.2). Storm Maole 3kg SP 10.49m. Gemma Millar 3kg SP 10.10m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 42.66m. Sam Gouverneur 400m 52.93. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 52.07m. Hamish Mears 5kg SP 12.35m, 1.5kg DT 42.26m. Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg SP 12.32m, 1.75kg DT 38.38m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 15 October 2016

Jake Paul dominated the sprinting events with 60m 7.22 (+1.2) 100m 11.03 (-0.6) PB 200m 22.53 (+1.1). Former national champion Tori Peeterswon the 600g JT 49.78m from Laura Overton 43.24m. Joccoaa Palmer 100m 12.87 (+1.8), 200m 26.78 (+1.3). Christina Ashton 100m 12.63 (+1.8), 200m 26.16 (+1.3). Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 46.09m PB. Cameron Miller LJ 6.18m (+1.5). Todd Bates HT 51.90m. Bella Bloomfield 3000m 10:46.48 PB.


Southland Festival of Running, Riverton to ILT Stadium - 16 October 2016

Romain Mirosa won the 107th annual Southland marathon in 2:39:11 after leading throughout. Run in perfect conditions, no rain, tail wind most of the way and a good temperature, the 37 year old from Dunedin was just outside his personal best of 2:38:37 from the 2014 Christchurch marathon. This was his first marathon after a long injury lay-off following a broken clavicle 10 months ago. Mirosa was second to Sam Wreford in 2012. Jerome Lagumby was second in 3:00:08 and Tyrone Lake third and first master in 3:24:01. Becky Nixon was the first woman in 3:25:02. Ex Welsh cross country international Alun Williams won the half marathon in 1:15:15, from up and coming 16 year old Jack McNaughton 1:22:01 and Kelly McSoriley third and first master in 1:22:23. Catherine Calverley of Christchurch was the first woman in 1:38:06, Joanna Blanc second 1:45:18 and Val Muskett third and first master in 1:49:20. Jack Beaumont won the 10km in 32:14.

Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park - 15 October 2016

Adam Norman LJ 6.49m (+3.1). Andrea McDowell LJ 5.08m (+4.1), 3kg SP 10.39m. Emma Ryan 3kg SP 13.01m DT 32.44m. Anna Skerrett 3kg SP 12.22m PB. Fergus Keown U/18 200m 24.68.


40th Tufts Health Plan 10km for Women (US 10km championships), Boston MA - 10 October 2016

Kimberley Smith finished 7th in 33:17. Won by Emily Sisson of Providence in 31:47.


Melbourne Marathon - 16 October 2016

Victoria Beck was third in 2:46:02. Kelly Parlane was 27th in the half marathon in 1:30:19. In the 10km Wayne Guest was 17th in 33:59 and Sarah Gardner ninth in 37:37.



Waitakere Half Marathon, 16 October: Harry Gage 1:13:18, Rick Tombling 1:13:23, Chris Bothma 1:25:37. Jacqueline Eastman 1:34:26, Billie Haresnape 1:36:30, Clare Turner 1:37:06. 11km; Sam Durrant 38:30; Nancy Jiang 43:47. 5km; Catherine Delaporte 17:04, Logan Randell 17:31, Sophie Robb 17:50.


Ultramarathon, 15 October: 100km Nick Johnston 8:55:28, Grant Guise 9:15:31, Richard Coghlan 9:54:44. Cecilia Flori 9:21:49, Jo Johansen 10:11:04, Emma McCosh 10:15:17. 74km Matthew Schaar 7:08:29; Michelle Donnell 8:23:32. 50km Andy Good 3:48:46; Karen Moore 5:02:52. 24km Simon Neate 2:05:49; Kylie Holmes 2:12:52.


Napier City Pak n Save Half Marathon, 16 October: Eric Speakman 1:18:12 PB, Vernon Preston 1:22:46, William Kelsey 1:23:31. Karen Toulmin 1:26:36, Dulia Daly 1:29:19, Carla Bywater 1:38:45. Walk; Graeme Jones 1:52:39, Eric Kemsley 1:58:29, Harry Terwiel 2:05:57. Robyn Wolfsbauer 2:19:23. 10km; Jason Petuha 39:14, Angie Dent 39:28.


Port Hills Crater Rim Trail Run, 16 October: 29km Tom Patchett 2:04:04, Paul Timothy 2:08:32, Robin Jodon 2:11:47. Rachael Jamieson 2:37:35, Hannah Lynch 2:41:00, Agnetha Korevaar 2:44:44. 20km Flavio Vianna 1:25:03, Reuben Graham 1:31:58, Ben Clark 1:32:36. Lucy Oliver 1:32:13, Johanna Buick 1:37:18, Hannah Scollan 1:46:59. 10km Shaun Souness 44:09. Emma Steel 47:26.

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