There are two aspects of sport, and more specifically American football, that are particularly rare to witness: a female making the cut in an all-male sports team for the very first time, and an American football kicker laying in a big hit on an opposing player.

North Penn High School pupil Kelly Macnamara has achieved both.

The junior student was first selected for her school's American football side last season, after hearing the team's incumbent kicker had graduated and went onto university.

In doing so, the rookie became the school's first ever female kicker in the history of the side.


Backing herself to do well in the kicking role on the basis of her history in the sport of soccer, Macnamara showed the world why she has become the first female kicker in the school's history.

In North Penn's game over the weekend, Macnamara stepped up to defend a kick return, coming out of nowhere to deliver a massive blow on the opposing kick returner to become an internet sensation.

North Penn won the game, and are sitting on a 7-0 streak so far this season, while Macnamara is currently ranked the fourth best kicker in Pennsylvania.