Athletics New Zealand Road Relay Championships, Government Gardens - 1 October 2016

The national senior titles went to Wellington Scottish in the men and North Harbour Bays in the women. Scottish repeated their win in Christchurch last year, beating New Brighton Olympic, winners in 2013 and Auckland City, the 2014 champions.

Pakuranga led at the first four changes through Jonny McKee, a top lap from Peter Wheeler, Steve Langdon and Nick Pannett, but an injury to marathon runner Ciaran Faherty saw them fall back. They lost four minutes on lap five and any chance they had leading into lap five of a tilt at the title. Scottish took the opportunity to grab the lead that they held through to the end of the seven-leg 62.5 km relay. Hamish Carson anchored them home in 3:23:24. Auckland City Athletics had a 41 second advantage over New Brighton Olympic going into the last lap but Oska Inkster-Baynes rose to the occasion running the final 10.3km in 31:29 to bring New Brighton into second just over a minute behind Scottish.

North Harbour Bays women's team had a battle on their hands with Hamilton City Hawks right to the finish with the winning margin being just over a minute. Nancy Jiang gave some hope to the Hawks on lap five, But Katie Wright responded for the Bays on lap six leaving Leah Lassche to hold their lead over the final lap. Multiple national champion Camille Buscomb clocked 36:50 for the 10.3km which was nearly three minutes faster than Lassche but ran out of distance to bridge the gap.

Wellington Harrier Athletic finished third almost 13 minutes back. It was the Bays club's eighth win in the women's championship.

The junior men's title went to Papanui Toc H from Christchurch ahead of fellow Canterbury club Christchurch Avon, the defending champions, with Auckland City in third. Auckland City Athletics were victorious in the junior women's relay, their seventh title in the last 10 years. Hamilton City Hawks and defending champions Athletics Nelson filled the minor placings.

Wellington Scottish demonstrated their dominance in the masters women grade, taking their sixth consecutive title from Hamilton City Hawks and the host Lake City Club. Wellington Harrier Athletic Club made it a triple of masters men's titles, winning the all three masters men's titles (40+, 50+ and 60+), the first time this has been achieved.

The Best Overall Club award saw a three-way tie between Auckland City Athletics, Hamilton City Hawks and Wellington Harrier Athletic Club, all on 50 points, the first time there has been a tie at the event. Wellington Scottish also finished on 50 points, but placed fourth on a countback.




Senior: Wellington Scottish (Harry Burnard, Tim Hodge, Sam McCutcheon, Stephen Day, Rowan Hooper, Hiro Tanimoto, Hamish Carson) 3:23:24 1, New Brighton Olympic 3:24:29 2, Auckland City Athletics 3:25:24 3. B Grade: Wellington Scottish (Geoff Ferry, Chris McIlroy, Nick Horspool, Ben Winder, Ben Twyman, Joshua Smith, Jamie White) 3:38:58 1, Pakuranga 3:43:48 2, Hamilton City Hawks 3:46:32 3. C Grade: Hutt Valley Harriers (Richard Kellett, Mathew Rogers, Bill Trompetter, Marcus Smith, Nick Sasse, Luke Walton, Brendan Quirke) 4:10:42 1, Victoria University 4:15:44 2, Olympic 4:16:52 3.

Masters: Wellington Harrier Athletic (Roussos Alexopolous, John Beale, Terry Fraser, Stu Milne, Dan Clendon, Seth Campbell, Dan Nixon) 3:46:03 1, Auckland City Athletics 3:47:10 2, Hamilton City Hawks 3:50:50 3. Masters 50+: Wellington Harrier Athletic (David Creamer, David Carrigan, Colin Price, Jono Hales, Paul Hewitson, Ian Macfarlane, Dallas McCallum) 3:56:28 1, Papanui Toc H 4:05:18 2, Wellington Scottish 4:08:54 3.


Junior: Papanui Toc H (Nick Moulai, Tom Moulai, Henry Idiens, Cam Bartlett, Goitem Gebremedihin, Mitchell Small) 2:31:18 1, Christchurch Avon 2:31:55 2, Auckland City Athletics 2:32:33 3.

Masters 60+: Wellington Harrier Athletic (Brian Hayes, Richard Bent, Duncan Mattews, Dave Mason, Geoff Smith, Paul Sharp) 3:09:19 1, Lake City 3:20:05 2, Auckland University 3:22:31 3.

Walkers: Trentham (John Roskvist, Joe Antcliff, Richard Willis, Daniel Du Toit, Clive McGovern, Jackie Wilson) 4:52:11 1, Wellington Scottish 5:00:55 2, Pakuranga 5:38:32 3.



Senior: North Harbour Bays (Esther Keown, Charlotte Gordon, Fiona Love, Annika Pfitzinger, Ashleigh Williams, Katie Wright, Leah Lassche) 4:00:00 1, Hamilton City Hawks 4:01:02 2, Wellington Harrier Athletic 4:13:59 3.

Masters: Wellington Scottish (Anne Hare, Lindsay Barwick, Michele Allison, Lyn Clark, Jackie Mexted, Betty Harp, Katie Kemp) 4:26:28 1, Hamilton City Hawks 4:35:19 2, Lake City 4:37:07 3.


Junior: Auckland City Athletics (Maiya Christini, Georgia Clode, Sophie Atkinson, Devon Lowyim, Alyssa Bullot, Grace Wood) 3:01:22 1, Hamilton City Hawks 3:02:05 2, Athletics Nelson 3:04:29 3.

Top Overall Club: Auckland City Athletic, Hamilton City Hawks, Wellington Harrier Athletic 1 equal.


Athletics New Zealand 24 hour Championship, AUT Millennium North Shore - 1/2 October 2016

John Bayne of Dunedin won the 24 hour race covering 209.2km. Jamie Hawker of Christchurch was second with 193.6km and Wayne Botha of Takapuna third with 191.6km.

Penny Kirkwood of Auckland was the first woman covering 146.0km in the 24 hours, Shirley Rolston of Christchurch was second 129.6km and Ainie Kwok of Auckland third 115.6km.

Paul Riedel of Taupo won the associated 12 hour run completing 102.0km and Christine Tuka of Wanganui the first woman with 75.2km. Craig Price of Papamoa won the six hour race with 62.4km and Debbie Skilton of Auckland the first woman with 59.6km.


Hamilton Half Marathon, Flagstaff Park - 2 October 2016

Isaac Dunn of Blaydon Harriers and AC in the UK won in 1:18:17. Camille Buscomb, who set a race record of 1:14:19 last year, was second overall in 1:19:22. Bevan Williams was the second male in 1:20:20 and Rhys Mildon third in 1:22:01. Hannah Tomlinson was the second woman in 1:28:54 and Niki Edwards third in 1:29:14.

Dave MacCalman won the half marathon wheelchair in 1:04:19 and Tiffiney Perry recorded 1:16:54. Michael Tomsett won the half walk in 1:58:25 and Donna Roderick was timed at 2:13:27.

Wayne Guest won the 10km in 33:49 from Mathijs Wetzels 35:41 and Dylan Joffe 39:14. Alice Mason was first woman in the 10km in 36:48 Charli Miller was second in a PB 37:48 and Claire Sayer third in 42:19. Tevita Toli won the 10km walk in 54:57.


Taranaki Daily News Half Marathon, Pukekura Raceway - 2 October 2016

National junior road champion Michael Voss of Reporoa won in 1:09:45, Sam Wreford of Timaru in his first half in two years was second in 1:11:27 and Robert Rawles third in 1:15:11. Kirstin Foley (Stratford) 1:37:31, Susan Rawles 1:42:08, Rhonda Lee 1:42:16. Walk Eric Kemsley 2:00:04. Vicki Adlam 2:21:51. 10km; Gregory Taylor 37:21. Walk Peter Fox 1:01:13. 5km; Chris Devaney 17:22. Walk Ross Allen 32:35.


International Race Walk, Suzhou - 25/26 September 2016

Alana Barber finished 13th in the 20km race walk in 1:40:29 and the next day was 31st in the 10km race walk in 50:56. Quentin Rew competed in the 20km race with a time of 1:42:20 in 51st place and was 42nd in the 10km in 44:51. On 28 September Alana Barber was 26th in the 10km RW in 48:48 and Quentin Rew was 17th in the 10km RW in 43:10.


Pleshey and Essex Half Marathon, Pleshey - 2 October 2016

Blair McWhirter was second in a PB 1:08:10, clipping 26 seconds off his time in Reading in March 2014. McWhirter won the Pleshey race last year in 1:11:18.


Australia University Games, Perth, 29 September: Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 61.49 (1).



OHagans Viaduct Harbour 5km, 27 September: Sam Corbett 16:30, Tom Booth 16:45, Adam Berry 17:02. Anna Mearns 19:03, Christine Adamson 20:35, Anna Boyd 21:25.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 28 September: Brad Luiten 16:21, Kyle Cottle 18:18, Thomas Trengrove 19:02.

Cornwall Park, Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Will Laery 18:14, Sam Turner 18:26, Daniel Smith 18:28.

Western Springs Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Teresa Adam 19:07, Chris Scott 19:38.


Anderson Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Matthew Betesta 18:53.


Lower Hutt Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Jack Hammond 17:27, Matt Bonner 18:17, Simon Maister 18:20. Sarah Gardner 18:30.

Porirua Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Philip Opie 18:11.

Kapiti Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Tom Goodwin 18:05, Dylan Lynch 18:05.


Marina 2 Marina, 1 October: 13km; Sam Hansby 58:16, Ethan Helliwell 1:02:38, Stu Cottam 1:05:23. Annabelle Latz 1:15:18, Almuth Waechter 1:18:33, Nat Sutton 1:19:32. 9km; Saxon Morgan 35:31, Billy Hebberd 35:35, Toby Morris 41:27. Tarsha Williams 45:02, Emily Dalton 45:51, Jo Bray 46:04.


Hagley Parkrun 5km, 1 October: Dwight Grieve 16:42, Chris Kelly 17:30, Malcolm Cornelius 18:00.

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