A Wanaka skier has broken the world record for the 'switch quad 1620' - a backwards jump involving four rotations.

Cardrona Alpine Resort's Jen Houltham says the record was broken by Cardrona team skier Jackson Wells.

"The world's FIRST EVER quad cork on skis, the switch quad 1620!," she wrote in a statement. "Basically that means he skied into the jump backwards, went upside down 4 times while rotating horizontally at the same time."

It comes after fellow Wanaka freeskier Nico Porteous, 14, recently landed the triple cork 1440 in competition at the Jossi Wells Invitational at Cardrona Alpine Resort.


The triple cork 1440 was considered one of the hardest tricks in the freeskiers' manual and Porteous is the youngest in the world to do it.

However, Wells has literally put a spin on that record.

Wells is the youngest of Wanaka's Wells brothers at 18-years-old who she labelled "a pretty cool customer".

"We're so stoked he landed the trick at home at Cardrona."

His father and coach, Bruce, also captured the record-breaking manoeuvre on video.

Wells is the younger brother of Jossi Wells who missed out on Kiwi Olympic history at the 2014 winter olympics by coming fourth in the first-ever mens' freeski halfpipe final.