Robbed? Fans were fuming during the Brisbane-Gold Coast NRL finals clash, with the Titans deemed to have been on the wrong side of a host of controversial decisions.

We take a look at some of the calls that cruelled the Titans as they crashed out of the NRL premiership race following their 44-28 loss to the Broncos.


The first big call came in the 10th minute when the Broncos were awarded a penalty try after Jordan Kahu on first look appeared to have knocked on through Konrad Hurrell's tackle.


The bunker sensationally ruled a penalty try, deeming Hurrell deliberately kicked the ball out, prompting howls of protest from Titans players.


The Titans were awarded an attacking scrum in the 20th minute, only for the bunker to overturn the on-field decision and give the Broncos the feed.


In the build up to a Broncos try, centre James Roberts was lucky not to be penalised for what looked like a kick to Ryan Simpkins' back.

A frustrated Roberts appeared to lash out at Simpkins in the play-the-ball, but referee Gerard Sutton said he didn't see any foul play and Roberts was allowed to play on, with Alex Glenn eventually going on to score a try.


Broncos winger Corey Oates was awarded a penalty after knocking on a Titans kick, after the referees deemed that he was put in a dangerous position by David Mead. Replays suggested Mead was going for the ball.

Off the back of that penalty, the Broncos extend their lead with another try.


Corey Oates was awarded a try on the back of a play that looked to have an obstruction in the lead-up. Instead of referring to the bunker, the on-field referee awarded the try.

Replays showed decoy runner Sam Thaiday crashing into Greg Bird effectively taking him out of the defensive line and limiting his opportunity to target Darius Boyd in the lead-up play.


Corey Parker appeared to headbutt a Titans player in a scrum, but it was not picked up by the referees.

The controversial calls drew plenty of criticism, with former players and coaches having their say on social media.