Polish Olympic 1500 metre runner Joanna Jozwik has been labelled a racist after causing controversy with a post-race interview.

Speaking to Eurosport after finishing fifth in the 1500 metre final, Jozwik didn't hold back in her views on the podium getters, all from African countries, including the much-discussed Caster Semenya.

"It hurts a bit. I saw Melissa Bishop who was very disappointed, she improved her personal best and was 4th. It's sad, and I think she should be the gold medalist. I'm glad I'm the first European, and the second white," said Jozwik.

Jozwik was slammed on social media for the statement, with many questioning the racial undertones to her views.


Semenya has been the subject of much debate over the past few years. She reportedly has internal testes but no womb or ovaries due to an abnormality, and has been dominating middle-distance running since a ruling which previously forced her to take drugs to cut her testosterone was overturned.

The silver and bronze medallists - Francine Niyonsaba (Burundi) and Margaret Wambul (Kenya) have also been hit with speculation by the likes of Jozwik.

"I feel like the silver medalist. The three athletes who were on the podium raise a lot of controversy. I must admit that for me it is a little strange that the authorities do nothing about this. These colleagues have a very high testosterone level, similar to a male's, which is why they look how they look and run like they run," said Jozwik.

Sixth place finisher, Britain's Lynsey Sharp has also faced backlash for speaking out on the issues.

Before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Sharp told The Daily Telegraph, there were "obvious" athletes with heightened testosterone amid rumours that there were two more competitors were "intersex" in last night's final.

"Everyone can see it's two separate races so there's nothing I can do," she said earlier this summer.

Semenya, meanwhile, refused to discuss the issue which has dogged her since 2009, when she was forced to take a humiliating sex test three hours before she landed the world title.

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