Cedric Dubler had to apologise to nearby photographers after completely botching an attempted javelin throw in the decathlon.

The Aussie lost control of his javelin and threw it sideways instead of straight ahead. As soon as he let go, nearby photographers hit the deck.

"He nearly took out some cameramen here, I'm not even joking," said Olympic gold medallist Steve Hooker.

"You can see there in the background a few cameramen are congratulating each other on still being alive."


"That was a dangerous moment and an interesting moment in this competition," added another Channel 7 commentator.

"It didn't go flat and hard but it did go sideways, and that caused everyone to hit the deck."

Dubler looked distraught after his error.

Things didn't get any better as the competition progressed. His third throw only travelled 42.82m because once again nerves got the better of him and he ended up throwing the javelin so it was virtually completely vertical in the air - not exactly advised by the javelin textbook.

Dubler was left standing at the end of the runway, hands on hips. The look on his face when he eventually turned around made the infamous "crying Jordan" photo that has become an internet meme sensation look positively thrilled.

"He's pretty disappointed with himself here, he lost his composure through that second round and he wasn't able to get it back together," Hooker said.

"You can see this go almost entirely vertical."