The UK's most successful female Olympian has been forced to defend her sister after a television interview following the British team's success at the Rio velodrome.

Laura Trott secured a place in the record books when she won the Women's Omnium event making it her fourth gold medal and earning her the top female Olympian title.

Her joy at winning was magnified by the fact her fiance Jason Kenny, who also represents Great Britain, took his sixth gold medal in the Men's Keirin event putting him on par with UK cyclist Sir Chris Hoy with a record number of golds.

The two medals won within minutes of each other sparked a media frenzy surrounding the darling couple of the Games.


However, it turned nasty after Good Morning Britain's interview with Laura Trott's sister Emma saw her branded "bitter" and "jealous" of her sibling's success.

Emma Trott, who lives in New Zealand and works as a personal trainer, told the UK morning show she was working while her sister took out the gold.

"I was working, so I'm self employed, so if I don't work then I don't make no money" she said.

"I turned up to one house and he just looked at me and said 'Emma, it's on the TV."

"I had a few tears in my eyes, which was a little bit embarrassing when you're in front of a client."

She also said it was incredible to think back to moments before her sister was an Olympic champion. The pair took up cycling as children following the lead of their mother who did it to lose weight.

"It's incredible the amount that you go through, and the mental toughness, the stress, the anxiety, the can't have the Christmas dinners etc. Sport is the only thing you do 24 hours, seven days a week, everyone else gets weekends, that doesn't exist for a full time athlete," she said.

However her understated delivery sparked criticism she was bitter about her sister's success. Some on social media branded her "jealous" and said it must be "cold in her sister's shadow".

The criticism was swiftly smacked down by the Olympian herself who said Emma was one of her "biggest supporters" and an idol for her growing up.

Plenty of others told Laura not to worry about the negativity online. Twitter user Deb Anderson said "Ignore, there are some total Muppets on social media. All of them cowards. Success brings out the worst in Jealous people."
While user Adam Thomas also replied: "Ignore them Laura, done feed the trolls!!! What an amazing achievement for you and your family! #gold."

Emma Trott has been in demand for news on the golden couple throughout the Games and previously joked she would "start to charge" her sister for all the interviews she was doing.

And who can blame the UK public for being obsessed with the story of the two Olympic lovebirds. Let's just take a moment to say "awwwwww" at how they must be feeling right about now.