Badminton Olympian Sawan Serasinghe may be out of the running to win a medal in Rio, but that hasn't stopped the 22-year-old enjoying his achievements.

Tucking into a massive spread of McDonald's burgers, nuggets and fries, the athlete showed off his abs, telling his supporters:

'Now it's time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean!'

With six portions of large fries, forty nuggets, six brownies, two chicken burgers, two hamburgers, a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder; Serasinghe's feast amounts to an eye watering 8,369 calories.


Free McDonald's was on offer at the athletes' village in Rio which proved extremely popular with athletes, with queues stretching out the door.

Even the world's fastest man has been known to indulge in the fried food.

Usain Bolt revealed that he prepared for his gold medal winning performances at the London 2012 Olympics by chowing down on nuggets and fries.

Serasinghe said he was disappointed by the results of his and teammate Matthew Chau's game against China Taipei 's Chia Hsin and Sheng Mu Lee during the Men's Doubles on Sunday with a score of 14-21 and 19-21.

They sit in fourth position of their group of four and won't progress to the quarter-finals of the Olympic tournament.

'We definitely had a good chance to stretch the match to three sets towards the end of the second set but couldn't close it out,' the badminton player said.

'We would have loved to end our first Olympic campaign with a win against a much higher ranked pair.'

Despite the loss, the Olympian remained optimistic, determined to learn from his Rio experience.

'Can't wait to go back home to start training and keep on improving!'