The medal winning Irish rowers who have been winning hearts around the globe with hilarious comments in interviews have gone one step better.

Brothers Gary and Paul O'Donovan, from Lisheen, near Skibbereen, in Cork, took silver in the men's lightweight double sculls and won their country's first medals in the sport.

In their latest interview the pair discussed urine tests and Nutella before admitting it is a shame they have been missing out on the celebrations they sparked back home in Ireland.

They opened their memorable interview, following their spectacular win at the 2016 Games, with the line: 'Hi lads, how are things? What's the craic? We're in Rio.'


Gary, who has the Irish flag draped around his shoulders, then points out the backdrop behind him stating that it is 'very real' despite looking superimposed.

Attempting to keep the interview on track, presenter Darragh Maloney asks Paul to sum up what the last few hours have been like for the medal-winning pair.

Paul replies by revealing that they have done some celebrating and were able to 'pull on the podium' pants for the occasion before getting to see their family.

He continues, going slightly off-track: 'I had to go and do this doping control thing, so I was there for an hour or two trying to take a pee into a cup for them.

'I drank about ten litres of water as well, so I'm a bit full up now to be honest.'

Gary adds that while this was going on he was soaking up the limelight taking pictures with fans.

He then humorously admits that the pair have had nothing to eat besides some bread and Nutella a few hours ago - before revealing that pizza is now on the way.

Later in the interview, the rowers are asked whether they have been aware of what has been going on at home as a result of their performance.

Paul replies: 'Gary got a Snapchat there earlier and they were roaring away mad or something. But no, I haven't got a clue what's going on to be honest, at home I'd say it's mad excitement altogether.'

Gary then interjects: 'It's a pity were missing the whole thing out here,' before Paul concludes: 'They're all in the pub at home and Skibbereen is after closing down - a national holiday or something.'

The hilarious interview followed one conducted by Sir Steve Redgrave and John Inverdale for the BBC, where the duo joked: 'we'll have to be careful what we say to these lads'.

They also joked that fellow countryman and Olympic boxer Mick Conlan 'threatened to box their heads in' should they fail to win gold.

The brothers made history by claiming Ireland's first medals in the sport.

They chased their French rivals to within half a second at the line to narrowly miss out on gold.

The pair, gaining as many fans for their relaxed and irreverent approach to the fierce competition of Rio, competed in the race of their relatively young careers to secure silver in the lightweight double skulls.