She's a multiple gold medallist at several European Championships, winning events both as a part of a team and as an individual.

But despite her haul, Russian diver Nadezhda Bazhina is likely to be remembered for one thing - for scoring zero with a back flop into the pool at the Rio Olympics.

The athlete produced the horrendous dive during the 3m springboard preliminary round with an eye-watering performance.

It was supposed to be a three-and-a-half somersault, but what occurred was something completely different.


The accomplished diver seemingly losing her footing as she sprang from the board but completed several flips as she fell, looking as though she has regained her composure halfway through the routine.

However it wasn't to be for the Russian, who smacked back-first into the water, much to the amusement of commentators and viewers.

The miscalculation left the athlete with a score of zero, ending her hopes of making the semi-final of the event despite four good dives beforehand.

A BBC commentator said: 'Ooooh.

'So what happened is Bazhina's landed with basically one foot on the board, the other one has slipped right off the side, and that's killed her take-off. No height.

'Wow. That is calamitous.'

Another commentator could be heard laughing in the background, before exclaiming: 'Oh dear.'

Bazhina isn't the first diver to make a real splash at the Olympic Games, after a similar disaster occurred at London 2012.

Germany's Stephan Feck attempted a somersault, but lost the grip on one leg which saw him spin out of control and land flat on the water flat on his back with a huge thud.

He climbed out of the pool apparently unhurt after huge gasps from the crowd during the men's three-metre springboard, but received zeroes from all the judges.

Feck's countryman, Patrick Hausding, who qualified, added: 'For me it was a big shock, I felt for him, he is a good friend. In his first Olympics it is something he won't want to remember.'