Aussie bronze-medallist Dane Bird-Smith has delivered one of the most emotional and uplifting interviews at the Rio Olympics.

In a sad series of events, the new 20km walk bronze-medallist choked up with emotion when speaking about the influence of his father.

He had no idea that as he spoke his dad David was being arrested nearby.

The 24-year-old Queenslander had to pause to compose himself several times when humbly sharing the glory of his performance with his supporters and family, but it was discussing his father's support when he really struggled to control his emotions.


"He's going to be going nuts somewhere," Bird-Smith told Channel 7.

"He was on the drinks table. He was going absolutely bananas down there. I've got to go find them and catch up.

"Having the whole crew here. My mum, my dad, my brother, my fiance, by my two best friends, my training partners, everyone came out and they really got me through. I dug deep just for them.

"I've just worked so hard and I've been working so hard for the last couple years, my dad and I.

"We've been doing it on our own this whole time. Doing the tough yards of old-school hard-slog training and it's paid off. I can't believe it. I just pulled a third. I just pulled a bronze medal at an Olympics.

"It means everything, man. Everything. I know everyone is going to be so proud of me back home. I can't believe I've managed to do this."

He briefly broke down during the interview when describing how the image of his family cheering him on kept him fighting when his body was in extreme pain with fatigue.

"With about 1km to go I knew that Caio (Bonfim), the Brazilian was right behind me and the crowd got right behind him, but I saw my crew down there man and it was just awesome," he said after pausing mid-sentence to compose himself.

"They just pulled me through."

The first thing he wanted to do was celebrate with his family and friends after completing his media duties.

Unfortunately, his dad was where he expected him to be.

The Herald Sun reported Bird-Smith's father was detained by military police as he tried to celebrate with his son.

David Bird-Smith, who is also his son's coach, was stopped at a security checkpoint where he got in an argument with police. It became heated and he was then taken away.

The Australian Olympic Committee were called and were trying to resolve the situation an hour after the race.

There was more to come.

Bird-Smith reportedly ended up vomitting all over an Olympics athletes bus transport.