Namibia's Dan Craven didn't manage to finish Rio's road race cycle event.

Not one to mope about, the 33-year-old was offered the opportunity to compete in the event after a last-minute withdrawl.

Craven asked his Twitter followers if he should enter the time trial - and of course they said yes.

Armed with a road bike and regular helmet, Craven compared the challenge ahead of him to "Entering a Formula 1 race with a NASCAR."


The cyclist became an instant favourite with the fans... And finished dead last with a time of 1:27:47.93.

But winning or losing, it didn't matter, Dan from Nam was stoked.

"I'm such a proud Namibian. I love my country. The chance to do this. I can say I competed in an Olympic time trial."

Craven has since been dubbed the world's favourite multi-sport Olympic athlete with fans contemplating the other events he could enter.

His diving skills seem to be on form.

His helmet may not have been quite right for the time trial, but looks great in the ring.

Don't even get us started on his rhythmic gymnastics.

Craven's synchronised swimming potential is out of this world.