Did the Rio Olympic officials get the flags the wrong way around at this morning's medal ceremony for New Zealand's surprise silver performer Luuka Jones?

There was confusion when the Australian flag, representing bronze medallist Jessica Fox, was raised on the second highest of the three flagpoles at the canoe centre during the medal ceremony.

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The final was won by Spaniard Maialen Chourraut with Jones second and Fox third.
But the Kiwi flag was raised on the shortest flagpole.


It is not the first flag boo-boo of these Games.

Sky Sports commentator Andrew Mulligan was one of the first to note the apparent stuff-up and tweeted a pic saying:

Rio organisers had to scramble to come up with a new Chinese flag after the version used in medal ceremonies was found to contain a whopping mistake.

The red Chinese flag features four gold stars angled towards a larger one on the top left hand corner representing the four social classes of people supporting the Communist party.

Only the version used for two days during the Olympics, including at three gold medal ceremonies, features the four smaller stars at the wrong angle - sitting parallel rather than angled towards the larger star.

The error was first spotted by Chinese fans online who protested against a "plot" and slammed the games as the "worst ever".

Luuka Jones talks to Radio Sport about her silver medal effort: