Kiwi road walker Alana Barber has stepped into the doping controversy, with 20km event's hot favourite Liu Hong from China clearly in her sights.

While Barber didn't quite wag a finger directly at the race favourite, her message was clear.

The Chinese woman is unbeaten since March last year, but was recently stripped of her gold medal from the IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships Rome 2016 after a positive test for higenamine. She served a reduced one-month sanction.

When asked if she was confident her race on Saturday next week would be clean, Barber said: "I'm not confident, I just don't know. It's great that the Russians are banned from our race. It's one step forward towards our sport being clean."


"She (Liu) is the favourite for the event... interestingly she only received a one month ban. I think the Chinese federation handed that down."