Ryan Lochte has changed hair colours once again, but this time it seems to be by accident.

The Olympian's locks were a noticeable bright green as he beamed from the podium alongside Michael Phelps after winning gold in the Men's 4x200 freestyle relay on Wednesday.

It was a drastic change from the light blue the 32-year-old dyed his hair in honor of his fourth Olympics, now looking more like the Joker than a silver fox.

The green tint is hardly surprising as Lochte has been spending most of his days in the pool, exposing his bleach job to copious amounts of chlorine.


And the colour is only getting brighter and brighter as he logs more hour in the water, prepping for his showdown with Phelps in the men's 200m individual medley.

A bit of green could already be seen in Lochte's hair as he showed off his look for the Parade of Nations during last week's Opening Ceremony.

Fast-forward five days and it has practically become the shade of a McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

But the Olympics' favorite bro seemed hardly fazed by the new hue as he celebrated his sixth gold medal on Tuesday.

Green seems to be the colour of the year at the Olympics in Rio, as it comes as two of the Games' swimming pools have also taken on the hue.

Ryan Lochte's silver look near the start of the Olympics. Photo / AP
Ryan Lochte's silver look near the start of the Olympics. Photo / AP

The diving pool was the first to go, on Tuesday night during the 10m women's synchronized diving final.

British diver Tom Daley drew attention to the transformation, posting a picture on Instagram that showed the dramatic contrast between the diving pool and its neighbour.

Then on Wednesday night the neighboring water polo pool also began to change colour.


Despite initial claims that the colour change was due to algae, a spokesman for the organising committee has since claimed it is because of a decrease in the alkalinity of the pool due to the number of people using it.

Lochte shared two photos of him, Phelps, Conor Dwyer and Townley Haas showing off their gold medals.

"4 Olympics straight we've won this relay," he wrote in the caption of one picture of the four Olympians biting their new gold. "So humbled to be apart of this moment."

There it is the 4 x 200 free relay winning #gold for #USA #oympics

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Lochte, who made his Olympic debut in Athens in 2004, has been having a blast as a veteran of the games - and sharing plenty of his journey on social media.

On Monday he posted an adorable video of his 95-year-old grandmother carrying a cardboard cutout "Olympic torch" around her care home.

"My grandma at age 95 carrying the #olympictorch at her nursing home. Representing #USA," he wrote in the caption.

In the clip, his grandmother is pushed in her wheelchair by a young worker at the care home as other staff members trail behind them cheering.

There are balloons hung up on the wall of the home and Lochte's sweet grandmother is seen beaming with pride.

4 Olympics straight we've won this relay. So humbled to be apart of this moment! #USA #olympics #relay #gold

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One Twitter user joked that Lochte and his grandmother "have the same hair color now".

Others noted how "cute" his grandmother is and said she looked like a "great torch bearer".

Lochte, who has been swimming competitively since childhood, has now won a total of 12 Olympic medals.

But his focus isn't just on the pool these days - he's also lavishing attention on a Playboy playmate that he has been dating for months.

Lochte revealed he is currently dating Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid - and it appears to be serious as her Instagram is littered with photos of herself pictured with the swimming star.

Last week, Kayla wished Lochte a happy birthday, calling him her "favorite person on the planet" and a "silver fox" after the Olympian dyed his hair grey.

Over the weekend, he shared a photo on Snapchat of himself with Kayla sitting in his lap while visiting the Beats House in Rio with his parents.