Star makes shock move to Gold Coast and avoids basket case that is Parramatta club.

League star Jarryd Hayne wants people to know it's not about the money.

It wasn't about the money when he went to the US to chase his NFL dream, it wasn't about the money when he wanted to play sevens and it wasn't about the money when discussing a return to the NRL - a move finalised yesterday when he announced he'd signed with the Gold Coast Titans.

The sentiment stands up when looking at his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

He revealed on Australia's 60 Minutes earlier this year he was paid just $100,000 in his first season with the Niners - a whopping $1.4 million less than he would have taken home in salary if he stayed in league.


"I've come from having nothing to having a lot," Hayne said on the programme. "And then having a lot and saying, 'No, I don't want that. I want this.' Obviously the money was huge. I try not to think about it.

"I earned $100,000 in my first year in the NFL. If I had of stayed here, I would have earnt $1.5 [million]. So just a bit of difference."

In March, when responding to comments by ARL Commission chairman John Grant about the possibility of using the mysterious NRL "war chest" to lure Hayne back, he said: "The best way I can answer that is, I was about to become the highest paid player in the NRL before I left."

It also stands up when you look at his Olympic ambitions.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported in May that Hayne would have earned $136.15 a day in Rio - paltry for a man who could well have that much in loose change lying under his couch cushions.

But after signing with the Titans for a reported $1.2 million a season for two years - not including endorsement deals - it's become harder to accept his earlier preachings.

He said yesterday Parramatta had not offered him a contract, which is why he chose to head north. This goes against reports the club had effectively signed off on a $2.5 million three-year deal expected to be put in front of him this week. That deal would have seen Hayne earn substantially less, at just over $800,000 a year.

By signing with the Titans, he's basically earning the same amount in two years as he would have pocketed in three with the Eels, if those reports are correct.

Whichever way Parramatta fans look at it, they're going to find it difficult to accept. Many have already called him out for making cash his top priority.

Neutral supporters can probably understand why Hayne wouldn't want to return to the basket case that is Parramatta.

After news of Hayne's shock signing with the Queensland club broke, he used his personal Twitter handle to retweet a statement put out by the company he set up last year - Jarryd Hayne Apparel.

The move didn't go down so well.

Hayne is very active on social media, so it's hard to understand why he couldn't have put the statement out on his own Twitter account.

Remember when he joined the Fiji sevens squad and had a media appearance where his fellow teammates wore his apparel company's hats and posed with his 49ers No 38 jersey? That also left a sour taste in Hayne critics' mouths.

Hayne is set to walk straight into the Titans' starting line-up for Sunday's clash on the Gold Coast against the Warriors after being cleared to play by the NRL.