The build up to Rio has been immense.

Stories of unfinished accommodation, virus-filled water, security issues, and Zika, are all just a few reasons why every athlete and fan alike has been holding their breath.

But if there was ever a sense that would all disappear the day people started arriving and the business really began, well, unfortunately it's the complete opposite.

Journalists and athletes have been streaming in, in their thousands, and social media has provided a platform to upload some hilarious, scary, and concerning stories.


From missing mattresses and shower heads, to daylight robbery and credit card fraud, this Olympics certainly promises to be a memorable one.

Some other events include a South Korean road cyclist being hit by a car during practice as well as a Chinese hurdler being robbed in the most disgusting fashion.

The Australian team has also had it rough, being robbed during a fire alarm, and having problems with their electricity and plumbing upon arrival.

With all the added drama, including Russia's doping scandal, this could quickly become the worst Olympics in history.