Every four years, amid the hype in the lead up to the start of the Olympic Games, a mix of astounding and bizarre stories begin to emerge, and heading into this year's Games that trend is no different.

Just ask Chinese 110m hurdler Shi Dongpeng, who, along with an accompanying cameraman, fell victim to a robbery just after checking in to their hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

The pair were reportedly approached by a local who appeared to be drunk, who then proceeded to vomit on the former Asian Games silver medallist, according to the International Sport Press Association (AIPS).

While Shi, competing in his fourth Olympics next month, went to clean himself up, his cameraman chased the drunk local out of the hotel, only for the Chinese duo to return to find that all of the cameraman's equipment had been stolen, along with baggages belonging to both men.


Surveillance footage has since revealed that they had been the victims of an organised professional robbery, where the drunk man was used as a distraction.

Shi and the cameraman both went to Rio police to report the crime, having to wait two hours due to a queue of other victims of robbery from around the city.

Foreigners travelling to Rio for the Games are being advised not to visit certain areas or to travel alone within the city, as well against wearing expensive jewellery or using mobile phones while in public.