Sir Peter Snell is arguably New Zealand's greatest Olympian, having entered Kiwi sporting folklore after winning three gold medals at the 1960 Rome (800m) and 1964 Tokyo (800m and 1500m) Olympics.

In addition to his middle distance accolades he was an exceptional all-round sportsman, as demonstrated by this video from the 1977 World Superstars show in the United States.

Snell, then aged 38, shows his prowess in the 100m (from 6m 09s), dinghy rowing (10m 19s), tennis (including a cracking rally from 22m 28s) and the obstacle course (42m 36s):

He funded some of his education towards his doctorate by defeating other top international athletes, including Welsh rugby great Gareth Edwards.


"Superstars helped, thanks to my 'misspent youth' playing games," Snell recently told "I opted to do a post-doctorate fellowship in Dallas as a result, where I've been since 1981."

Source: Youtube / kiwiauldphart
18 Jul, 2016 10:36am
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