Dana White has launched an incredible attack on fellow combat sports heavyweight Bob Arum, after the veteran boxing promoter enraged the UFC boss with some explosive comments about MMA.

Arum, 84, attacked MMA earlier this week at a press conference for Sunday's Terence Crawford v Viktor Postol bout at the MGM Grand, with drug issues high on his hitlist after UFC 200 was tainted by positive PED tests from superstars Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar.
"I don't think (drug testing) is particularly necessary as far as fighters are concerned," Top Rank Boxing supremo Arum said.

"Most fighters obey the rules. It's probably more necessary in MMA because they appear to be unconcerned with the testing. What the hell? As long as the tests come out after the fight, right? Everybody's collecting money. Just saying. just saying.

"You've got MMA, just sold for billions of dollars. Good luck to them. And for some reason they can buy off lobbyists so they're not subject to the Muhammad Ali Act like promoters are in boxing - just saying."


White responded full blast, in a text message to MMA Junkie that said: "Does anyone give a f*** about Bob Arum or what he thinks? I didn't know he was still alive!!?

"I remember a bitter, fat, red, alcohol-abuse-faced Arum chirping about the 'oodles of money' the Fertittas were going to lose on the UFC [10 years ago].

"Arum is the biggest dirtbag in all of sports. I look forward to sticking around and continuing to kick his ass in every aspect of our business."

Though the Lesnar and Jones busts were a terrible look for UFC 200, they were viewed with a silver lining. The UFC is a year into an anti-doping partnership with USADA and the fact major names in the promotion are being sanctioned at least proves the sport is finally getting serious about cleaning up its act.

Arum, a long-time critic of MMA, also took aim at White for speaking in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the party convention, dragging MMA fans into the rant.

"In boxing, we have a lot of minorities, African-American, Hispanics, Jewish promoters, people like that," Arum said.

"And pretty much, we're Democrats. MMA people they're for Trump. You ever look at an MMA audience? Of course they're for Trump."