One of the top pros of the golfing world has been testing a jet pack to transport him around the course, turning a round of golf into an extreme sport.

World number 5, Bubba Watson, has been trialling the pack in collaboration with sunglasses manufacturer Oakley at the Methven golf course in New Zealand's South Island.

In a YouTube video, the golfer says: 'For the first time in 112 years, golf is part of the Olympics. That's a big deal.'

'So what better time to introduce something exciting for the future of our game.'

Golf pro Bubba Watson tries out a jetpack round of golf, with help from Kiwi company Martin Jetpack

The project has seen Oakley join forces with Martin Aircraft Company, a leader in commercial jetpack technology, to produce the ultimate golf cart.

The firms worked together to develop the concept over three years.

Called the BW-Air, the jetpack is kitted out with a 210 horsepower engine which enables users to climb to 3,000 ft (914 metres) and air speeds up to 46 mph (74 kph).

In an effort to keep things functional, it has the features of a typical golf cart, with space for clubs, balls, shoes and even a spare pair of ludicrously coloured chequered trousers.
According to Oakley, the jetpacks will be available from US$200,000 (NZ$283,750) in a variety of colours from December 2017.

Customers can preorder the jetpacks from in countries all over the world and Martin is seeking FAA approval in the US.

Would be flying golfers will need to be fully licensed and receive training before they take to the skies.