All Blacks Sevens stars DJ Forbes and Niall Williams are getting ready for their last few weeks of preperation before the biggest tournament of their lives kicks off on August 6.

The duo, both integral members of the New Zealand men's and women's sides heading to Brazil, spoke on Radio Sport this morning, speaking about the preperation they have undertaken and are planning for heading into the Games.

Forbes, former captain of the men's side, said he and the rest of the men's squad had already attended a three-day training camp, where coach Gordon Tietjens had brought back his 'old-school' way of doing things.

"He's (Tietjens has gone back to his old-school ways where he's bringing out the 150's [150 metre sprints], his typical training with the 16 150's before training, so those have been a tickle up," Forbes said.


Williams, sister of All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams, who will also be attending the Games with the men's side, revealed the women's side had been training just as hard, admitting she had never run so much in her life in the lead up to the tournament.

"Haven't done so much running in my life before," the mother-of-two said.

"It's been pretty tough, just gotta keep working on all the little, finer details but throwing in the fitness as well."

"We've actually been going into the heat chamber down in the Mount [Manganui]," Williams said when questioned whether preperation for the Games had been any different to other tournaments on the World Sevens circuit.

"Post every training we're in there for half an hour. I think it's around 40 degrees, and the altitude's quite high too."

Both squads are travelling to Florida later this week, the women's side departing on Friday, and the men's team leaving on Sunday, where training camps will be set up and training games will be played before they head on to the Olympic village at Rio de Jaineiro.

"We're heading to the IMG Academy, and we're just training to doing all our final prep before Rio week," Williams said.

"I think we have a couple of games against the USA team."

The 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony begins on August 6 at 11am (NZT), with the women's sevens tournament kicking off the day after, where the New Zealand women's side take on Kenya in their first pool game at 2:30am (NZT).

The men's tournament kicks off on August 10, with the All Blacks Sevens side taking on Japan in their first pool game at 3:30am (NZT).