Like many facets of life today, technology has become an integral part of triathlon and multisport. Everyone in the triathlon world is talking about the Fitbit, GPS watch or Garmin's latest product.

Garmin Regional Sales Representative Shannon Rea said the number of people buying their triathlon and multisport gadgets has increased rapidly. Garmin alone has 10 products purely for multisport available to buy online now. Some of these gadgets certainly aren't cheap and a lot of money is being spent on these products, but they are remarkable devices which tell you everything you need to know about your training or race.

Rea said their most popular gadget for triathlon and multisport in New Zealand is the Forerunner 735XT.

"It's the latest multisport watch we have released and with a wrist-based heart rate, it has already proved to be a huge hit. It is GPS equipped, has multiple colour options, triathlon mode and smart watch just to name a few of its features."


The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is on the pricey side, with consumers paying from $829 for the product.

Triathlon New Zealand asked its Facebook followers to tell them their favourite Tri gadgets, and the response blew them away. They had over 60 comments, with 10 of those people saying their favourite gadget was the Garmin 920XT. This product costs $699 and up.

The Garmin 920XT has running dynamics, a race predictor, recovery advisor and it features swim distance, pace, stroke type identification, stroke count, drill logging and rest timers. Its smart notifications let you see email, text and other alerts on your watch.

Rea would recommend the Vivoactive HR product for those on a budget.

"You'll be paying around $449 for the Vivoactive HR. It's an entry level multisport watch with wrist-based heart rate, GPS and smart watch capabilities."

This gadget can track runs, rides and swims and even golf, skiing and rowing.

Rea said triathlon and multisport gadgets will continue to get better and better. He said to stay tuned to the Garmin New Zealand Facebook page for the latest.