Two of New Zealand's most prominent athletes heading into the Rio 2016 Olympics have just one thought on their new uniforms; they don't care.

The controversy broke this week when the New Zealand team released the official apparel for the Kiwi's heading to Rio next month.

Reactions ranged from utter disgust, to confusion and anger

But two-time Olympic champion Valerie Adams and London gold-medalist Lisa Carrington couldn't care less.


Speaking to Tony Veitch on Newstalk ZB, they both said as long as the uniform is comfortable, they are happy.

"The uniform is the last thing you worry about," said Carrington. "I mean, we're not even racing in that uniform. We have our own specific stuff that everyone races in."

Similarly, for Adams, who would know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't, the point of the uniform isn't to be a fashion statement.

"We're there to win medals, we're there to compete and we're there to focus," Adams said. "We're not there to parade around the village in our awesome uniform.

"Honestly, as long as the uniform fits and it's comfortable and durable I don't really care."

Despite the criticism, Carrington herself doesn't actually mind the uniform's style.

"It's black, it's simple, and that's what New Zealand is. They are our colours."