Dustin Brown has leapt to Nick Kyrgios' defence after the Australian's second-round Wimbledon victory was followed by an ugly exchange with British media.

Coming at the end of a press conference in which he was repeatedly grilled over his attitude, Kyrgios had finally had enough and turned on his audience.

"What did I say to the umpire today? Is that bad language? Have you never said a swear word in your life?" Kyrgios asked his interrogator.

"Can you answer my question? So you've never sworn in your life?"


Quizzed again about whether he used foul language, Kyrios continued: "I didn't swear. So how is that going to affect another player by saying 'horrendous job'? I think you can figure that out, champ.

"Did you see Dustin arguing with the umpire as well? Did anyone see that? Did you see Dustin arguing with him, too, or just me?" Infuriated by the direction of the questions, Kyrgios pointed towards one reporter, saying: "Great questions, guys. You got a question? Okay, good", then made his exit.

The charismatic Brown said he has no problems with Kyrgios' behaviour, claiming both players had reason to be upset with US umpire Jake Garner.

Kyrgios disagreed with Garner's ruling he had hit a ball on the second bounce, while Brown was upset the official ruled a net on a serve which appeared to easily clear the net.

"We didn't have a problem with each other," Brown said.

"Obviously here and there we both thought that the ref didn't do a good job.

"The one ball that Nick got definitely didn't bounce twice. And my serve, in my opinion, was this much above the net, so also no reason to call a net there.

"Sometimes guys make bad decisions.

"Whatever he (Kyrgios) got upset about later on, I'm trying to continue to finish playing the match and trying concentrate on myself.

"Can't be worrying about what he's cussing about or who he's being upset about.

"If it has something to do with me, then I need to deal with it.

"But there was no problem between me and him. As you saw when the match was finished (the players hugged), there was no issue.

"All of that has nothing to do with me.

"It's the same thing back in the day when (John) McEnroe was playing.

"You knew exactly what you were going to get. If something happen, he could go nuts or he couldn't or whatever. But that has nothing to do with me.

"I'm pretty sure everyone that knows Nick, knows Nick is a great tennis player.

"You know that if certain things happen and there are a few bad call, I mean, all of us have gotten upset on the court already for bad calls, especially in certain moments.

"On the other side, I think I'm almost close to 10 years older. I was definitely not any better or worse at 21.

"The guy is (ranked) 18 in the world. he guy is 21 (years old).

"Let the guy play tennis. I'm pretty sure in a few years, he will also have that sorted and then he's probably going to be even better."