Two of Nitro Circus rider Luke Smith's electric bikes have been stolen just weeks before he makes a Guinness World Record attempt.

Smith is set to attempt to land the longest jump in the world on an electric bike live on Good Morning at the end of June.

But he's had a major setback - two of his Stealth electric bikes were stolen from his south Auckland home on Thursday night.

One bike is red, and the other is grey with a red seat, red handle bars and "B-52" engraved on the side.


The bikes are rare and one-of-a-kind designs which were built in Melbourne. The B-52 was designed especially for the world record attempt.

"This has really put a spanner in the works," Smith said. "The attempt is now dependent on whether I can get the bikes back.

"It's heartbreaking to have got this far and now have the bikes be stolen.

"I don't care how or who has it - there are rewards for the person who finds it - I just want it back." The rewards could include money, Nitro Circus tickets, or clothing or products from sponsors.

"I'm willing to help anyone in anyway I can if they help me get the bikes back."

Smith believed thieves broke into the side of his garage and targeted the Stealth bikes, as they would have had to walk past two new pit bikes to get to them.

"My world record jump attempt is in just over a month, and the ramp is built, I just want to make this dream a reality," Smith said.

"The current Guinness Record is held currently by a German who landed a jump at 22.5 metres and I want to try and do it in 30m and with twice the height to really show that Kiwis can fly!"

Smith has been in recovery for months after a heel injury. He got clearance last week from a surgeon to remove his moon boot and start walking again.

• Anyone with information about the missing bikes is asked to contact police.