There is nothing more demoralising in the world of a diehard sports fan than their team failing to live up to their potential.

For Michael Jenkins, the elimination of his beloved Washington Capitals from the Stanley Cup play-offs was just too much to handle, reported.

A sports anchor for US broadcastor Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic, Jenkins took his frustrations to the workplace.

In what was clearly designed as an elaborate joke, Jenkins went about his regular broadcast all the while sipping on what looked like a Long Island ice tea while making some rather cynical observations.


"You guys hear about the Caps? No?" he said at the beginning of the production.

"You guys like to drink? I like to drink. And I'm going to drink the whole show."

The anchor's dark humour was inspired by the spectacular fall from grace of the NHL title favourites Washington.

After their team recorded the most points during the regular season and claiming the Presidents Trophy in the lead up to the finals, Caps fans were eagerly anticipating their first ever Stanley Cup victory in the franchise's 42-year history.

But to the crushing disappointment of fans, none more so than Jenkins himself, the Captials failed to live up their potential, losing out to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of finals - a moment Jenkins wanted to make sure everyone learned something from.

"I have a message for all you kids out there. You know how everyone says 'you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it?' It's all one big lie," he said.

"Caps weren't supposed to win at all this season, they put their minds to it and look what happened - crushing disappointment. So, give up on your dreams."

The anchor then took a swipe at his team's failure to secure a Stanley Cup title, before proceeding to scull the rest of his drink.

"With each passing week, its seems that Stephen Curry continues to write the NBA record books. Then again it must be easy when you have already won a championship," Jenkins said.

No doubt there will be the odd viewer out there that missed the point of this tongue-in-cheek rant, outraged by Jenkins' "recklessness" in drinking on air.

This reporter, however, will raise a glass to Jenkins for saying what every Captials fan is thinking.

Here's to making the news more entertaining.