NFL star Rob Gronkowski has revealed his strategy for being successful on Tinder - swipe right for everything.

The New England Patriots tight-end told ESPN The Magazine in an interview that was his plan when he used the social media dating app 'just for laughs' four years ago.

Gronkowski, whose Tinder profile name was chickmagnet4life, said he was matching like crazy.

"Swipe right on everything. Get the ball rolling. Make them laugh. Just Google 'Tinder pick-up lines.'"


Gronkowski recently hosted a party ship at the end of the NFL season which lasted three days.

Despite his party reputation he is rated the best tight-end in the NFL, having won a Super Bowl with the Patriots last year.

In the same article Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell revealed his agent sets up dates for him.

"You have your agent reach out, see what they're about," he told reporter Sam Alipour. "I can take myself out of the process."