Video footage has emerged of a fight between Manchester United and Everton fans ahead of Saturday's FA Cup semi-final between the two clubs.

The video shows two men punching each other at what is believed to be Cannock services on the M6 in Staffordshire.

With coaches marked as travelling to London parked in the background, onlookers gather round to watch the fight, with some deciding to join in.

As the fighting escalates, missiles can be seen being thrown and one man in a blue shirt is left flat out on the floor on his back.


It begins with a man in a grey shirt and a man in a blue shirt throwing punches at each other until the one in blue falls after being hit in the head.

Some fans then check on the man lying on his back, while one fan is seen throwing a blue smoke bomb amidst the melee, with bodies crashing into each other as the fighting escalates.

One man also appears to throw a missile at the pair fighting while a small boy wearing an Everton shirt can be seen being carried away from the scene by his father and then led off camera hand-in-hand.

The brawlers then disappear behind a coach as onlookers rush after them, clearly keen to follow the fight to the end.

Staffordshire Police confirmed to Mail Online that they were called to a disturbance but the fight had ended when they arrived. There were no arrests made.

The video, titled 'Manc b*******' was uploaded on Twitter by an Everton fan at 11.30am this morning.

A force spokesman said: 'We received a call to the services at 10.14am.

'We have had a high visibility presence at the location this morning in terms of community reassurance but we have had no offences reported to us and no arrests have been made.'

Another less violent video uploaded to the web shows an excited Manchester fan collapse through a roof while partying ahead of the game in London.

The man is seen scaling what appears to be an outside shelter at a packed pub hours before kick-off.

Once on top, he whips off his red shirt which he then waves above his head.

However, as he tries to manoeuvre across the platform, the surface gives way - sending him crashing to the ground, much to the amusement of hundreds of pub-goers.

The match between the two clubs at Wembley this evening finished 2-1 to Manchester United.

They will now face the winner's of tomorrow's second semi-final between Crystal Palace and Watford in next month's FA Cup final.