Australian batsman David Warner took to social media today to share some of his mid-year Year 13 report card and the results were rather less impressive than his cricketing skills.

Warner attended Randwick Boys High School in Sydney's Eastern suburbs, and appears to have struggled with mathematics, according to a withering assessment from his former teacher.

"Without a complete change of attitude, results will not improve," the report reads.

"David only wants to be the class clown. He offers little effort or cooperation."


Higher up the page, Warner's work ethic and application to his schooling comes under further scrutiny.

In assessing if he works well independently, the answer was a resounding 'never'.

Uses his time effectively? Never. Works to the best of his ability? Never.

Luckily for the 29-year-old, he's managed to carve out a lucrative career with the bat and ball and together with commercial sponsorships was able to earn $4 million last year.

Not a bad wicket he's ended up on.